Neos 7.2

This release of Neos comes with some great new features, bugfixes and a lot of modernisation of the existing code base.

As usual, we worked hard to keep this release as backwards compatible as possible, but some of the changes might require manual adjustments. So please make sure to carefully read the upgrade instructions below.

New Features

FEATURE: Allow NodeTypes to be defined in hierarchical folders

This feature allows NodeType.*.yaml files to be put into nested folders underneath <Package-Root>/NodeTypes:

      NodeTypes.yaml (still supported!)
        Bar.yaml (new)

Related issue: #3000

FEATURE: Fusion Memo object

This Fusion object stores its value based on the given discriminator and returns the same result in future calls during the same rendering. The value will then not be evaluated again.


prototype(My.Vendor:Expensive.Calculation) < prototype(Neos.Fusion:Memo) {
    discriminator = 'expensive-calculation'
    value = ${1+2}
myValue = My.Vendor:Expensive.Calculation
myValue2 = My.Vendor:Expensive.Calculation

FEATURE: Upgrade font awesome to version 5.15

With this PR we get news brand icons and covid-19 icons. Also some bugfixes related to unicode issues and much more.

See the changes here…5.15.3

Updated the font awesome resources and adjusted the paths to our needs.

Use a new Icon like head-side-mask.
  • Related: #3390

FEATURE: Show the last login date in the user/account list

Upgrade Instructions



Additionally all changes in Flow 7.2 apply, see the release notes to further information. See