5.1.5 (2020-02-25)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Flush content cache on image variant change

If you access an image property in a node and render an ImageVariant from it via Fusion using an image variant preset, the cache is now flushed if the image variant is changed afterwards, e.g. when changing the crop in the media management module.

Fixes #2897

  • Packages: Media Neos

BUGFIX: Access tags of asset in media list view

This uses assetProxy.asset.tags instead of just assetProxy.tags as a simple way to fix the display of assigned tags in the media browser list view.

Fixes neos/neos-development-collection#2350

  • Packages: Browser

BUGFIX: Add `Form` key to configuration schema of Fusion package

When the package Neos.Fusion.Form is installed which it is by default since Neos 5.1 the key Form is automatically created in the Neos.Fusion setting namespace. Since the schema for this namespace only allows predefined key this yields an error message in the Configuration module.

In addition the schema file is renamed and shortened to only validate inside Neos.Fusion. That ensures that the file is picked up by the command ./flow configuration:validate –type Settings. This will avoid things like this slipping trough in future.

  • Packages: Fusion

BUGFIX: Don’t use AbstractValidator::$result in PasswordValidator

PasswordValidator was using the property $result of AbstractValidaor. That caused an Error 500 since Flow 6, because AbstractValidator::$result is private now.

What I did Changed to AbstractValidator::addError() method

How to verify it Use The PasswordValidator with a minimumLength and try to produce a validation-error.

  • Packages: Neos

TASK: Remove unused template

This code should have been removed when the UsageController was introduced in ea7587374012b35d45d1c7402c43410353613f6d.

  • Packages: Browser

TASK: Remove unused code

This code should have been removed when the ImageVariantController was introduced in 0aa2eed015e02a468f9b2e8e1d08f8275349edde. Which means it should have never been there. ;)

  • Packages: Browser

BUGFIX: Prevent double dash formatting in docs for node:repair command

The readthedocs command reference formats double dashes as one long dash. Copying the command into the CLI will therefore not work properly as f.e. the node-type filter will not apply and all nodes are repaired.

  • Packages: Neos

BUGFIX: re-add lost variants update functionality

Re-add lost variants update functionality to fix issue #2884

What I did I compared the changes of PR #2751 with the code befor the changes of this PR and saw, that the line $this->getRepository($variant)->update($variant); was missing after the changes of the PR. I added the missing line where I think it is necessary. Additionally i added the generation of the redirect to the else part in the replacement function, which was also missing. I think this fixes issue #2884.

How to verify it Find an asset, for which the resource can not be replaced, for example on the demo site. Then checkout my changes and try replacing the resource of the found asset. The replcement should be possible again.

  • Packages: Media Neos

TASK: Fix validation warnings/errors on .travis.yml

Fixes build config validation complaints:

  • W jobs.include: deprecated key sudo (The key sudo has no effect anymore.)
  • W notifications.slack: unknown key on_start (never)
  • I root: missing os, using the default linux
  • I root: key matrix is an alias for jobs, using jobs
  • Packages: Browser Neos

BUGFIX: Make getThumbnail() return type nullable

If the thumbnail strategy failed to generate a valid thumbnail, null is returned. This needs to be allowed.

  • Packages: Fusion Media

BUGFIX: Replace baseUri in cache identifiers

Since Flow 6.0 the httpRequest.baseUri is gone and we need to replace it in the cache identifiers to avoid wrong cache behavior.

  • Packages: Fusion

BUGFIX: Add code migration for MultiColumn* nodetypes

Add missing code migration for nodetypes Neos.NodeTypes:MultiColumn and Neos.NodeTypes:MultiColumnItem for seamless upgrade process.

  • Packages: Browser Neos NodeTypes

BUGFIX: Convert DateTimeImmutable “Now” into DateTime for account deactivation

Convert “Now” based on DateTimeImmutable to DateTime, as Account::setExpirationDate expects it.

Fixes #2131

  • Packages: Neos

BUGFIX: Respect arguments value as defined in Neos.Neos:NodeUri

The prototype Neos.Neos:NodeUri defines arguments = Neos.Fusion:RawArray but this value is never processed in the PHP implementation. Instead, the additionalParams is processed and passed to the parameter arguments of the NodeLiking service.

Now both parameters are used. additionalParams should be deprecated.

  • Packages: Browser Neos

BUGFIX: Keep configured creationDialog elements

Keep configured creationDialog elements to keep dialog fields for NodeTemplates.

Fixes: #2882

  • Packages: Browser Neos

BUGFIX: xhr request in backend modules

With Neos 5.0 the nodetypeschema endpoint was removed from the backend modules template but the request was still sent. Without the uri the current url of the module was instead requested. This caused other errors when using the backbutton of the browser when sometimes instead of the whole module only the json response was shown.

This resolves: #2791

What I did

Prevent the duplicate request

How I did it

Check if the endpoint uri exists before calling it.

How to verify it

Go to any module and check whether a xhr request is sent to the current url.

  • Packages: Browser Neos