4.0.12 (2019-01-30)

Overview of merged pull requests

TASK: Adjust behavior of NodePropertyConverterServiceTest

This adjusts the complexTypesWithGivenTypeConverterAreConvertedByTypeConverter of NodePropertyConverterServiceTest to behave as if the new UI is installed which is insalled when test are run on CI and probably the case in all other installations.

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BUGFIX: Add cache control header to xliffAsJsonAction

This is needed to get rid of https://github.com/neos/neos-ui/blob/2239fe5465a84971d6aa6a94ea2f7a058959bf59/Classes/Aspects/XliffConfigurationCacheHeaderAspect.php in the Neos UI

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BUGFIX: Removed super types can be added again regardless of order

I noticed the order of superTypes being of importance in one special case: re-adding a super type removed by a super type. There already was a test, but it didn’t catch one case: the re-addition being positioned before the super type where it was removed. Run the same test with only the changes in [NodeTypeTest.php](https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/pull/2272/files#diff-960a57534a39e75dc45c37535d2ba971R108) and you’ll get a [failed test](https://travis-ci.org/ComiR/neos-development-collection/jobs/454551553).

By making the Method addInheritedSuperTypes() static and slightly modifying it to not handing over the array, I could get rid of buildInheritanceChain() completely and renamed the method to getFlattenedSuperTypes(). The array_unique() present before wasn’t useful anyway because the array was already indexed by the node type names.

As a reminder: The visibility is determined by class and not by object. You can just call $nodeType->declaredSuperTypes, even if it is another object (of the same class of course)!

Since I started working on the master branch, there also is a version for that: https://github.com/ComiR/neos-development-collection/commit/a8076ae958676e1309a4e33a51491d3204847239.

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BUGFIX: Asynchronous and presets for media browser thumbnails

Fixes the usage of the asyncThumbnails option in the media browser along with using the thumbnail preset to improve performance of the media browser and avoid additional thumbnails being generated.

Fixes: #2330

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BUGFIX: Deletion of backend users

What I did Backend users can now be deleted, even if they have a private workspace.

How I did it Wrap deletePersonalWorkspace() in withoutAuthorizationChecks.

How to verify it Create a backend user, log in and edit something. Log in as administrator and delete this user.


Fixes #926 @nezaniel

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TASK: Remove useless ternary operator use

The issue described in #2337 is not as bad as it seems. In fact, the ternary operation is useless and no longer needed. The filtering is applied via applyAssetCollectionFilterFromBrowserState() already.

Resolves #2337

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