3.3.4 (2018-02-06)

Overview of merged pull requests

TASK: ``ReadNodePrivilege`` evaluates EEL expression only once

The ReadNodePrivilege evaluates it’s EEL evaluator twice unnecessarily, there’s some caching however it should optimize some cases.

BUGFIX: Avoid errors on undefined array index

The use of the ternary operator with a potentially undefined array index leads to errors, this change uses the null-coalesce operator (??) instead.

> In particular, this operator does not emit a notice if the left-hand > side value does not exist, just like isset(). This is especially useful > on array keys.


  • Packages: ContentRepository

BUGFIX: Context structure tree only shows content

Changes the base node type filter used in the context structure tree to explicitly include content collections and content elements instead of everything that’s not a document node type.

Resolves #1784

BUGFIX: Use XliffService label override for Neos UI

Recently (Flow 4.2) introduced the feature to override labels from other packages or add own translations for other packages via neos/flow-development-collection#894. This was formerly suggested in JIRA-issue FLOW-61.

This works nicely but the Neos UI is not using \Neos\Neos\Service\XliffService. This Service deliveres a xliff-json that contains labels e.g. for the property editor. Currently you cannot override labels from other packages that are used in the property editor. \Neos\Neos\Service\XliffService::parseXliffToArray is annotated (todo) to be changed when FLOW-61 is resolved.

This change refactors the class to make use of \Neos\Flow\I18n\Xliff\Service\XliffFileProvider::getFile which handles the overrides.

  • Packages: Neos SiteKickstarter

BUGFIX: Let fusion render preview URIs for the Neos backend

Preview links are now generated via Fusion instead of Javascript

TASK: Rename folder for Node Migrations

With this change node migrations are expected to be located in a directory Migrations/ContentRepository.

For backwards compatibility migrations in Migrations/TYPO3CR are still supported.

Fixes: #1861

  • Packages: Browser ContentRepository Fusion Media Neos NodeTypes SiteKickstarter

TASK: Display changes in workspaces module when setting/unsetting a DateTime values

When a DateTime property value is either set for the first time or unset the workspace module will now show that change. Previously it would only display the change if the time was set changed to a different time.

BUGFIX: Corrected ContentReferences translation namespace

#1659 splits the Neos.NodeTypes package into separate packaged. In the translation rewrite script I had an error, so the Neos.NodeTypes.ContentReferences was set as Neos.NodeTypes.ContentReferences.ContentReferences instead of Neos.NodeTypes.ContentReferences. This bug makes sure that labels are correctly available.

  • Packages: ContentReferences

BUGFIX: Allow node transformations without setting

This change allows to create/use node transformations that do not use settings.

Without this change, one always had to provide dummy settings.

  • Packages: Browser ContentRepository NodeTypes

TASK: Document canvas width and height in editPreviewMode

What I did I added missing components in documentation for custom preview modes

How I did it I analysed the react frontend and found some editable variables for height and width. After searching the code for it, I found some optional variables, which were missing in the documentation. These variables are new and came with the new UI.

  • Packages: BaseMixins Browser Neos

TASK: Check node migration filename before use

This makes sure node migrations not named as expected are detected and rejected properly.

  • Packages: Browser ContentRepository

TASK: Tweak Travis CI build matrix

This removes some options no longer needed, since the required PostgreSQL versions are meanwhile available without any use of sudo in the default container infrastructure, as shown in