3.3.11 (2018-06-06)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: “inCacheEntryPoint” needs to be saved

It is necessary to save and restore the incacheEntryPoint state in the following situation:

  • the dynamic cache segment is evaluated in the preEvaluate step of a fusion path which will set inCacheEntryPoint to null
  • the preEvaluate returns a “cache miss” because not all segments could be replaced
  • Fusion then evaluates the path as usual
  • the runtime content cache then sets currentPathIsEntryPoint to true in enter bc inCacheEntryPoint is still null
  • the postProcess step then processes the cache entry and removes all CONTENT_CACHE markers bc currentPathIsEntryPoint is true

BTW: In this situation, uncached and dynamic segments are evaluated twice. But this is outside the scope of this bugfix.

BUGFIX: Column NodeType should be abstract

The Neos.NodeTypes:Column NodeType was always abstract, the abtract property isn’t inherited down so it must be set again on any inheriting NodeType. So to have Column abstract it must declare so (again).

Fixes: #2071

  • Packages: NodeTypes