3.2.1 (2017-11-09)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Avoid Request URI Too Large when loading asset metadata

When using too many assets in the inspector (AssetEditor), an error is triggered, caused by the request URI becoming too long.

This change switches the request to a POST request. The data is sent as the request body and the issue is solved.

Fixes #1747

BUGFIX: Shortcut nodes result in 404 if target is unavailable

A non existing (or hidden) target node would result in an infinite redirect chain but should actually result in a 404 error delivered.

Fixes: #1668

Update FeatureList.rst

fixed spelling

  • Packages: Neos

BUGFIX: Show object in “missing template” message

The sprintf() call should only get one parameter, usage of the first one was dropped inside the message text previously.

MERGE: Merge branch ‘3.1’ into 3.2

  • Packages: ContentRepository Fusion Neos

BUGFIX: Allow cached content segments to be nested within dynamic ones

Previously when nesting content with Content Cache mode cached within segments with Content Cache mode dynamic the CONTENT_CACHE markers weren’t replaced at the second rendering.

Fixes: #1591

TASK: Remove TYPO3 from Neos Fusion Reference

<!– Thanks for your contribution, we appreciate it!

Please read through our pull request guidelines, there are some interesting things there: https://discuss.neos.io/t/creating-a-pull-request/506

And one more thing… Don’t forget about the tests! –>

What I did

Removed TYPO3 from fusion reference

  • Packages: Neos

TASK: Allow using the context variable in node privileges

This makes it possible to access global objects via the context variable in node privileges.

For example this can be used to hide nodes based on a node property which needs to match a username or group. One use case is to have several sites in one Neos and restrict each user to one site.

How it works: The values given to the ConditionGenerator of the node privileges are first put through getValueForOperand instead of treating them just as string.

  • Packages: ContentRepository Neos

BUGFIX: Fix NodeType schema to pass validation

In #1678 childNodes were allowed to be nullable. But the way the schema was adjusted did not pass validation. This change fixes it.

BUGFIX: Allow childNode definitions to be reset

A NodeType can reset the childNode definitions of a superType by setting it to null:

```yaml ‘Some:NodeType’:

‘Some:Other.NodeType’: true
‘someChildNodes’: ~


But doing so lead to a schema error. This patch adjusts the schema accordingly.

TASK: Use interface to inject NodeSearchService in NodeController

This makes it possible to use your own implementation of the NodeSearchService.

BUGFIX: Register pending change must be called during editor init

This change makes sure editor listeners are called in the init of the editor. This can help in situations like hiding an editor based on depending properties on the first page load or inspector initialization.

TASK: Fix documentation of Debug Object

Example is missing the namespace.

BUGFIX: Set empty array for overrideConfiguration as default

To prevent errors within the form view helper it’s necessary to set overrideConfiguration as array per default instead of null. The change of the signature of the form view helper has made this change necessary: https://github.com/neos/form/commit/0cac9ef02043c9ae5e25eb41a7f746ba75e80f2d

The default tempate just by-pass the overrideConfiguration: https://github.com/neos/neos-development-collection/blob/3.0/Neos.NodeTypes/Resources/Private/Templates/NodeTypes/Form.html

  • Packages: Neos NodeTypes