2.2.13 (2017-04-05)

Overview of merged pull requests

BUGFIX: Include configuration reference in TOC

The configuration reference was no longer included in the documentation TOC at all, after a recent fix aimed at no longer including it twice.

  • Packages: Neos

BUGFIX: Add mysql-index for the field `parentpath` in the `nodeData`-table

The find operation is currently very expensive because of an unoptimized LIKE statement. This index will to optimize the performance for find operations especially in larger cr-instances

The size of the index is a compromise between space and an assumption of the normal length of the nodePath.

  • Packages: TYPO3CR

BUGFIX: Configuration reference nested twice

This causes issues with search results and creates confusion.

  • Packages: Neos

BUGFIX: Check for existing node data property works with null

The AbstractNodeData::hasProperty() method checked the existence of the given property with isset but that leads to an exception if the property has a null value. The check has been changed to array_key_exists.

Same is done in the optimization check to avoid setting existing values again in AbstractNodeData::setProperty.

Resolves #1174

  • Packages: TYPO3CR

BUGFIX: If thumbnail refresh fails, handle gracefully

If refreshing a thumbnail fails (e.g. because a PDF cannot be converted correctly), the media module dies with an exception screen.

This change catches and logs the error, and returns null as result. This leads to a missing thumbnail, but the media management stays usable.

  • Packages: Media

BUGFIX: Make layout sliding query match properly

The page layout determination in DefaultTypoScript.ts2 contains the query


However that immediately also matches nodes which have subpageLayout being an empty string, hence this being taken into account. This results in an empty value, even if there would be actual set layouts higher above.

The .parents() part need to be replaced with .parents(‘[subpageLayout][subpageLayout != “”]’)

Fixes #1117

  • Packages: Neos