Workspaces for Editorial Teams

A major focus for Neos 2.1 have been “nested workspaces”. Workspaces allow editors to collect and review content before publishing it to the live website. Now, with nested workspaces, it is possible to stack one workspace on another and prepare larger content changes in a team. Previously it was only possible for editors to make changes in their personal workspace which would only become visible to other editors once published to the live website.

This new feature allows editors to jointly work on content for multiple content in parallel, and let all content be reviewed by our editors in charge before they are published to the live website.

Side-by-side comparison of changes in Workspace Management

This change adds a side-by-side view of changes of a given workspace to the “Review” view of the Workspace Management module. It highlights inline text changes and displays thumbnails of changed assets.

This new feature relies on a third party diff library which has been modernized and comes packaged with the Neos distribution from now on. Further details are available on Github.

Asynchronous thumbnail generation

We are introducing asynchronous thumbnail generation to Neos 2.1! This can help to avoid long backend request times when many thumbnails need to be generated and potentially allows scaling of the rendering process to multiple servers. At the same time we have reduced the number of thumbnails that need to be generated by implementing presets. This also allows thumbnails to be generated by a server-job ahead of time improving the editor experience.

Developers have numerous options to control the behaviour thumbnail generation to optimize server load and backend user experience. See the pull request on Github for all details.

Thumbnail generator strategy for advanced thumbnails

The number of thumbnails that can be generate for Neos has been greatly increased. We implemented the possibility to create thumbnails for documents such as PDF, EPS or AI files, for fonts (TTF and OTF) and for lots of image formats.

If you are a developer you get a number of methods to control how and when thumbnails are generated, shown and refreshed. Check out the pull request on Github for all the details.

Additional user interface languages

Thanks to a lot of help from our community the Neos backend is now also available in the following languages:

  • Spanish
  • Khmer
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Norwegian
  • Chinese Simplified

Head over to translate.neos.io if you can help with any translations and have a look at the information for the translation process!