1.2.4 (2015-04-17)

Base Distribution

[BUGFIX] composer.json includes development versions in stable releases

In Idddd184af48f6d32b995e8d224a7e237aaee84bd the requirements for branch tip versions were introduced to easy development, however that had a bad side effect causing the stable releases to pull unstable versions of packages.

To fix this the release scripts are adjusted to work with dependencies on development branch versions.

Fixes: NEOS-1216 Depends: I791174633d2b1b0fb7263504744901d87bbb1ec6

[TASK] Depend on 1.2-dev branches of distribution packages (again)

During the release of 1.2.1 the dependencies were changed back to the stable releases, however that should only be for the tagged versions.


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/34/

[BUGFIX] Display site import step error messages immediately

The error message occurring during a failed site import in the setup site import step are not displayed until after a refresh of the page. This happens because flash messages are used instead of a exception.

Fixes: NEOS-758 Depends: Ifbba8d4c45b87a6ec171f3fe72bbc093c7b93722

[BUGFIX] Version upgrades leads to a broken backend

Existing users experience a broken backend between Neos upgrades due to the backend resources being cached in their browser.

To prevent this problem a bust header is added to the resource paths, based on the Javascript & CSS built files when using the minified versions.

Fixes: NEOS-1202

[BUGFIX] DimensionMenuImplementation uses configured dimension

Before this change configuring the dimension to use for the menu had no effect, since the dimension name was hardcoded to “language”.

[BUGFIX] SiteImport should persist Workspace and Site

With Id5d17fd64a744453e7bbc430fdea0fcc0761071e it seems that finally only Nodes get persisted in persistEntities(). To fulfill database constraints while adding Nodes we need to have the Workspace and Site already persisted when starting to import Nodes.

Fixes: NEOS-1208

[BUGFIX] Moving node to a new parent and back makes it disappear

When moving a node to a new parent and back to it’s original parent again makes it disappear. This happens because the NodeOperations move method checks if there already exists a node in that location in any context. Since there is a shadow node in it’s original place, that returns true and thus a new name is generated to avoid a conflict. Problem is that the shadow node and the node will then share the identifier on the same level, which leads to the node disappearing.

Fixes: NEOS-1203

[TASK] Adjust tests to lowercase only node paths

Adjusts the NodeRenamingTest to the TYPO3CR change only allowing lowercase node paths.

Related: NEOS-1195

[TASK] Re-use signal for nodePropertyChanged to flush route cache

[BUGFIX] Deleting inline element breaks if title doesn’t contain tags

A regression was introduced in Ib5ae1224445d19316717bacda3732ddfff8c3a1c causing the deletion of inline elements to break if the title property of the element wasn’t wrapped in a HTML tag.

Related: NEOS-1125

[BUGFIX] Updating page in node tree can lead to problems

When a page is being edited in the node tree and the url is changed on the server side, the link in the tree is out of sync.

Additionally if the title of the current page is changed, the page is not reloaded.

To prevent these situations the URL of the node in the tree is updated, as well as the title and if it’s the current page it’s reloaded automatically.

Fixes: NEOS-1197

[BUGFIX] Prevent unnecessary double persist when updating node in tree

When a node is being edited in one of the tres in the navigate component, the inline element is synchronized causing an additional update call to the server. This call is unnecessary since that state has already been saved.

Fixes: NEOS-1196

[BUGFIX] Moving nodes down on the same level makes it disappear

NodeOperations should check if a move stays inside the same parent because then it is just a reorder which means we do not need to generate a new node name for the node (which generates a wrong result anyway as the node name exists - but it is the node moved).

Releaes: master, 1.2 Fixes: NEOS-1199

[TASK] Add missing icon for plugin view

The plugin view content element doesn’t have a default icon and therefore uses the fallback icon. This is not helpful since the element cannot be recognized easily.

Even though plugins have the same icon by default it’s still better since that would relate them. Additionally most plugins would a specific icon instead of the default.

[BUGFIX] Allow overriding ArgumentNamespace for plugins

Currently it is not possible to set a plugin argumentNamespace from TypoScript as the order of resolution will always result in an early return because the NodeType will be resolved. This fixes the resolution order.

Fixes: NEOS-1097

[TASK] Root.ts2 not required anymore for a site

A default TypoScript for a site can be defined in separate package and so a site doesn’t require a Root.ts2 to run.

Related: NEOS-1120

[BUGFIX] Remove trailing slash from _assetMetadataEndpointUri URI

All other endpoints get called without trailing slash, and it’s really not needed there, but it can break rewrite rules on some sites.

[TASK] Add date to 1.1.3 changelog header

[TASK] Add changelog for TYPO3 Neos 1.1.3

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/30/


[BUGFIX] Menu content element breaks without items

A regression introduced in I472f502b59ee538305e06d4635ea0a91d615e2b9 caused the menu content element to throw an exception since the backport of the change didn’t account for the change of the security view helper.

Related: NEOS-1124


No changes


[BUGFIX] Node querying must be case insensitive

A regression in I890ea84ec26f1fba00f72b200e959e3c0fc30f94 lead to creation of auto created child nodes failing if they contained uppercase characters in their name.

Additionally hard coded queries for node paths weren’t lowercased automatically to avoid breaking changes.

To prevent these scenarios the node querying is always done with lowercase paths automatically and the auto created child node names are processed with the renderValidNodeName.

Related: NEOS-1195 Related: NEOS-1081

[TASK] Add runtime cache to getSubNodeTypes()

This adds a runtime cache to NodeTypeManager::getSubNodeTypes(), drastically lowering the calls to NodeType::isOfType().

In my test setup the number of calls to isOfType() went down from over 212.000 to a little over 3000.

[BUGFIX] Check if $dateTime is a DateTime object before calling format()

This change adds 2 checks to see if $dateTime is really a DateTime object before calling the format() method. The lack of this check could cause fatal errors when publishing pages after clearing the hidden after / before date time.

Resolves: NEOS-1219

[BUGFIX] findByProperties now allow directly on pathStartingPoint

When giving the findByProperties a pathStartingPoint it should also allow nodes with that exact path in addition to child nodes as results.

Fixes: NEOS-1212

[TASK] Optimize queries by path by using the path hash

Changes the addPathConstraintToQueryBuilder method to use the path hash instead of the path for querying to optimize the performance.

Already done for master in I49c325ff587cb6e01cf785a99a0b756ffe8fbbdc.

[BUGFIX] Compatibility with PHP 5.3 in NodeDataRepository

In Id5d17fd64a744453e7bbc430fdea0fcc0761071e a regression was introduced, breaking PHP 5.3 compatibility due to the usage of the short syntax of arrays.

[TASK] Improve query performance by avoiding DISTINCT

This changes queries in the NodeDataRepository so that no joins to the NodeDimensions happen, instead a subquery is used. Due to this the DISTINCT function can be avoided which results in MySQL using no temporary table (which in case of NodeData will always be a disk based temporary table).

A typical query for childnodes of a certain type in a specific dimension is about 3x faster on the demo site dataset.

Additionally the findOnPath() query now uses the pathHash instead of the path.

[!!!][BUGFIX] Minor changes to improve CR performance

Calls to persistEntities() does not iterate over all nodes anymore and findHighestIndexInLevel() uses a caching property.

Additionally logic to create the workspace in a Context was streamlined to use less queries.

This is breaking if you rely on the fact that persists are triggered for each newly created Node. This was a side effect of assigning the highest index to the newly created Node and is now no longer needed in all cases. Therefor tests need to be adapted so that they do no longer rely on this behavior.

Fixes: NEOS-1189

[BUGFIX] Incorrect handling of associative arrays in NodeConverter

Node properties of type array should convert incoming JSON objects into associative arrays instead of stdClass objects.

Fixes: NEOS-1194

[TASK] NodeService method to check if nodepath can be used for node

Adds method nodePathAvailableForNode() to the NodeService which can be used to check if a node can be allowed to be placed in a given path. This is needed to ensure that a node can be moved back to a location where a shadow node has been created in it’s former place.

Related: NEOS-1203

[!!!][BUGFIX] Node path should always be lowercase

The change I4649436ae6dfa2f386d9c5b656680ba87be25002 had some undesired side effects by allowing uppercase characters in generated node paths. In general all node paths should be lowercase to avoid similar issues. Since the node path is primarily internal, it’s fine to force it to be lowercase.

This is breaking in case you have nodes with names that have uppercase letters and they are referenced by their path somewhere.

Fixes: NEOS-1195 Related: NEOS-1081

[BUGFIX] Don’t generate NodeTemplate node name from the title property

The node name shouldn’t be generated from the title property since it’s internal and causes conflicts if the title changes later on.

[TASK] Add some additional Behat scenarios about moving nodes

This adds some more scenarios about moving nodes. In fact they cannot show the bug explained in NEOS-1199 as that is a result of the Neos NodeOperations service behaving wrongly. Still those additional tests might be useful.

Related: NEOS-1199

[TASK] Add some additional behat scenarios about moving nodes

This adds some more scenarios about moving nodes. In fact they cannot show the bug explained in NEOS-1199 as that is a result of the Neos NodeOperations service behaving wrongly. Still those additional tests might be useful.

Related: NEOS-1199

[BUGFIX] Moving node should move across all dimensions

A regression introduced in Ic855e10d7c6bd7fb73a5cb0926f8035910a790fe changed the behavior so it no longer moved all node variants in different dimensions when moving a node.

Related: NEOS-1013

[BUGFIX] NodeData not replaced if setPath isn’t called recursively

A regression introduced in Ic855e10d7c6bd7fb73a5cb0926f8035910a790fe caused the NodeData not to be replaced with a potential shadow node when the path was changed unless the recursive flag was set.

Related: NEOS-1013


[BUGFIX] Safeguard against non-existing context variables

The correct handling of TS context for uncached segments (see change http://review.typo3.org/38597) had the adverse side affect that in 1.2 rendering failed, because “account” was no longer defined. On master the error does not become visible, since the account is no longer in the context directly, but accessed via an Eel helper.

This change adds a safeguard against unset context variables and makes them available with a value of NULL.

Fixes: NEOS-1217

[BUGFIX] Uncached segment use configured context on first render

Uncached segments need to define the rendering context they need, but on first rendering they still had access to the full context which made it harder to spot errors in the context configuration as they only appeared on the second rendering. Now the context is adjusted to the configuration even for the first rendering.

Fixes: NEOS-1127


No changes


No changes