1.2.3 (2015-03-26)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Add support metadata to composer.json


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/26/

[BUGFIX] Disable caching when editing nodes

In Internet Explorer the response from the backend when editing a page in the inspector was cached. This means that changes are not visible and the editor is forced to reload the backend. This change tells the browser not to cache the response.

Resolves: NEOS-1030

[BUGFIX] Editing plugin view breaks with unpublished master node

When a plugin view references a master node that hasn’t been published, an exception occurs because the node cannot be found in the live workspace.

Instead of looking for the master node in the live workspace it should look in the current workspace and with the current dimensions.

Additionally it prevents breaking if the master node can no longer be found.

Fixes: NEOS-1096

[BUGFIX] Follow-up for broken strip tags for title in inline delete dialog

The original bugfix didn’t work properly and contained a JS error.

Related: NEOS-1125

[BUGFIX] Improve usability of menu panel button

This commit improves the behavior of the neos-menu-button and the corresponding neos-menu-panel. The menu will now only be opened on a mouseDown and closed on mouseDown again or on a mouseLeave.

This commit also contains a bugfix preventing ghost clicks on the neos-menu-button.

Resolves: NEOS-608

[SECURITY][BUGFIX] Editors should not be able to access others’ workspaces

Severity: Low

This is a security fix, to restrict editors from accessing content in workspaces of other editors.

Note: We consider severity low, due to the following facts:

  • You still need an editor account to access any content in workspaces, that are not in the live workspace
  • Neos currently does not officially support access controls for editors

Fixes: NEOS-960

[TASK] Adapt to shadow node refactoring

Removes the check for shadow nodes in CotentElementWrappingService as shadow nodes cannot exist as Node objects any longer.

Releaes: master Depends: Ic855e10d7c6bd7fb73a5cb0926f8035910a790fe

[BUGFIX] Strip html tags in the inline delete node dialog title

Removes the html tags from node label displayed in the confirmation when deleting a node inline.

Resolves: NEOS-1125

[TASK] Pin typo3/twitter-bootstrap to 1.0.*

Later versions (specifically dev-master) are adjusted to Neos 3.0 so they won’t work with earlier Flow versions.

[TASK] Pin typo3/setup to 1.1.*

Later versions (specifically dev-master) are adjusted to Neos 3.0 so they won’t work with earlier Flow versions.

[TASK] Collapse site selector in the menu by default

The site selector is seldom used and doesn’t handle many sites well. To make it better it should just be collapsed instead, then users can open it if they want to use it.

Resolves: NEOS-1130

[TASK] Constraint various node searching to current site

When searching for nodes the result should be limited to the current site to avoid issues like linking between sites is unsupported and duplicate nodes from other sites make it difficult to tell apart.

Following searches are constrained:

  • LinkEditor (Inspector)
  • Reference(s)Editor (Inspector)
  • Aloha link wizard
  • Node tree filter

Depends: Ibaa9b914e438ba1c560d58a095a48e64a5428bfd

Fixes: NEOS-140 Resolves: NEOS-250

[BUGFIX] Fixes styling issues in the pagetree of the Neos UI

Adds a dedicated font-size to the navigational anchors. Adds a dedicated no text-shadow to the navigational anchors.

Fixes: NEOS-998 Related: NEOS-515

[TASK] Adjust version numbers in Documentation/Settings.yml

The file wrongly contained “master”.

[BUGFIX] Fix outdated nodetype in documentation

The nodetype TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:AbstractNode has long been renamed to TYPO3.Neos:Node.

[BUGFIX] Prevent duplicate errors while moving nodes

Now that the URI is separated from the node path the path can be changed when moving nodes. This prevents errors when duplicate paths could be created.

Also refactors this kind of operation into a service to be reused by other consumers.

Fixes: NEOS-1009

[BUGFIX] Circular dependency causing unexpected behavior

A require dependency to itself caused unexpected behavior and broke things randomly in the content module.

Regression introduced with I160263ccd4cac3f6d749b14a7e703dc53d4e7cfe

[BUGFIX] createNewNode renders invalid uri path segments

This change fixes a problem resulting in invalid uri path segments when creating new document nodes. When a new document was created, the NodeController would simply take the entered document title as the node’s uri path segment, even if it contained characters which are not allowed as part of an URL path.

We now use the TYPO3CR’s function for rendering valid node names (like in the past) which provides some more or less meaningful transliteration.

Resolves: NEOS-1079 Related: NEOS-1059

[TASK] Move release notes to a new home in documentation

This adds a home for release notes to the documentation and moves the release notes that were in the change logs there.

While being at it, we also added a stub for the release notes of the upcoming version 2.0.

[BUGFIX] uriPathSegment handling is slow and unreliable

This change fixes two issues with the mechanism which assures the uniqueness of uriPathSegments among node siblings:

  1. Updating document nodes with lots of siblings was extremely slow
  2. Newly created nodes will get a non-human-friendly uriPathSegment if the proposed name was already taken by a sibling.

A severe side-effect was introduced with the change I2315d30256f7d291204363fdde7e761154cbc7e4, making adding/updating nodes extremely slow when a node has many siblings.

Multiplied by the check happening for every given node property change, can lead to timeouts.

This changes the behavior to only do the necessary check if it’s actually needed, in case of new nodes, updating the uriPathSegment property or changing the path of an existing node.

Fixes: NEOS-1059

[TASK] Document default Eel helpers in context

This adds a list of Eel helpers available in the context by default to the section on “Eel and FlowQuery” in the “Integrator Guide”.

[BUGFIX] make error/exception handling more robust - allowing to reload in case of an error

Currently, if an error during rendering occurs, and then the user reloads this document where the error occurs, the Neos backend breaks. This is because some required context information is not added to neos-document-metadata, breaking the page tree and the global workspace status indicator.

This is a regression introduced by Ia8fa5228e772b0fee15921e02135c4899df39c0a

(cherry picked from commit fb4b3697d37afaa9414e3915d5d616661de20b7f)

[TASK] Pin typo3/flow to version 2.3.*

This makes sure a matching framework version is required with Neos.

[BUGFIX] Prevent call to undefined getContext() on a non-object

This change fixes the situation that $documentNode was set to TRUE when it is set while it should be set to the actual node object.

Regression introduced in I4cd01ee64a293d5ac2da75013e0fe3cfcddad5a9

[BUGFIX] Page exception handler should assume no nodes set.

To prevent raising an error during exception handling the PageHandler needs to check if node, documentNode and site are actually set before using them.

[BUGFIX] Select2 leaks to global space

Select2 writes a Select2 variable directly to the global scope which causes problems with website frontends that use jQuery and Select2. This change uses grunt to move the definition of window.Select2 to the Shared/Utility module in Neos.

[BUGFIX] Make FloatValidator JS implementation require correct xregexp

The xregexp library required was nowhere to be found. This change fixes that.

[TASK] Log exceptions during import to the log

Related: NEOS-991

[BUGFIX] Allow editing of documents as content elements

This fixes a regression introduced with Ia11ac5b6c7bef4c30e005b53f21215d0b17637c1 which resulted in document nodes not receiving the neos-contentelement class which made them inaccessible for the inspector. By introducing a flag to render this special type of document metadata only if asked for it, the regression is fixed.


[BUGFIX] Unable to select the Menu if it’s empty

This change add a message “The menu is empty” only in the backend context, so the user know that the menu is empty, and can select the content element to configure it.

Resolves: NEOS-1124


[BUGFIX] Uri segment empty for kickstarted sites

The uri segment is not set for kickstarted sites which causes an error when trying to save the root page afterwards. A node:repair will fix it as well.

Fixes: NEOS-980

[BUGFIX] Fix accessRoles xml tag

Corrects the generated XML to match the expected structure for an empty array.

Resolves: NEOS-1003


[TASK] Refactor shadow node generation to NodeData class

Shadow nodes are purely internal so Node should not be responsible to create or deal with shadow nodes at all. Shadow nodes are also no longer exposed to the outside world as the NodeFactory no longer creates Node instances from shadow nodes. To do that the NodeData class got the new method isInternal() which returns a boolean to mark the object as purely internal preventing the NodeFactory to create a Node object. a NodeData currently identifies as internal if it has the movedTo property set AND removed is TRUE.

Fixes: NEOS-1013

[BUGFIX] Prevent issues with mixed case node paths

The node name match pattern in NodeInterface is case insensitive, but the utility to render a valid node name enforces them to be case insensitive. This is change removes the strtolower call to make the utility consistent with the pattern.

Besides that the change checks if auto created child nodes already exist before creating them to prevent constraint errors on node copy.

Resolves: NEOS-1081

[TASK] More graceful handling of non-existing migrations

The node:migrate command exited with an uncaught exception if the specified migration does not exist. This change will catch the exception and display the error message instead.

[BUGFIX] Fix parsing of accessRoles during import

This fixes the NodeImportService that choked on site exports that contained non-empty accessRoles.

Background: We currently don’t use/evaluate the accessRoles, thus the site:export command generates empty and self-closing accessRoles tags:

<accessRoles __type="array"/>

If accessRoles are not empty (as it was the case in the manually generated Sites.xml of the TYPO3.SiteKickstarter package (see I04bdd9fb750df7017ec81d8b600f6bb3ba427a87) the import failed.

Fixes: NEOS-1003

[TASK] Skip unnecessary updates in node setters

Prevents unnecessary signals and database updates when calling setter methods on a Node with the existing value. Without it performance decreases exponentially with the amount of properties being set using the NodeConverter e.g.

Resolves: NEOS-1060

[FEATURE] Allow findByProperties() to be constrained to a path

Currently findByProperties() always searches all available nodes. This change allows to set a $pathStartingPoint so only nodes below the given node will be searched.

Related: NEOS-250 Related: NEOS-140

[BUGFIX] Remove shadow nodes for moved nodes in user workspace

If a node was not yet published to the live workspace and moved in the user workspace, the shadow node data (which is marked as removed) was not removed. This leads to strange effects where nodes disappear for individual users.

Fixes: NEOS-1068

[BUGFIX] Fix error in PostgreSQL down migration

In the down migration of Version20140826164247 a FK constraint and an index were dropped “twice” (dropping a column removes related items already).

[BUGFIX] Exception when setting a node’s path if it’s unchanged

Prevents an exception caused by checking for other nodes with the same path and finding itself, when the path is set to the existing path. This can happen through the node converter e.g.

[BUGFIX] Fix behavior of NodeData::hasAccessRestrictions()

This replaces the hard-coded check for the “Everybody” role with a check for the fully qualified role identifier “TYPO3.Flow:Everybody”.

Besides this adds tests for the the modified “isAccessible()” behavior introduced with Ia3a6220ae7fc7224b272794dba301fba2c617876

[BUGFIX] Fix two failing unit tests

This fixes two tests of the NodeDataTest test case that failed due to some unexpected method sequence indexes.

Besides this cleans up the test case in order to simplify debugging and refactoring.

[!!!][BUGFIX] Fix unique constraint for workspace/dimensions

Run ./flow doctrine migrate to adjust the database.

The unique constraint https://review.typo3.org/36845 added lacked the movedto column and broke shadow nodes.

This is breaking if you were unlucky enough to migrate between the merge of the the aforementioned change and this very change. In that case, drop the wrong constraint:

DROP INDEX UNIQ_60A956B9772E836A8D94001992F8FB01 ON typo3_typo3cr_domain_model_nodedata -- MySQL
DROP INDEX UNIQ_60A956B9772E836A8D94001992F8FB01 -- PostgreSQL

and then run this for MySQL:

./flow doctrine:migrationversion --version 20150211181736 --delete
./flow doctrine:migrate

and this for PostgreSQL:

./flow doctrine:migrationversion --version 20150211181737 --delete
./flow doctrine:migrate

Related: NEOS-1002

[!!!][BUGFIX] Node data identifier not unique for workspace/dimensions

Run ./flow doctrine migrate to adjust the database.

This prevents a node duplicate identifier in the same workspace with the same dimensions, by adding a constraint across identifier, workspace and dimensions. Without it unexpected behavior can occur when finding nodes by their identifier, e.g. used for references and links.

Fixes: NEOS-1002

[TASK] Make isAccessible() in NodeData return TRUE without security context

If the security context cannot be initialized, isAccessible() will return TRUE unconditionally.

[BUGFIX] Skip nodes that have no connection to a parent node

This fixes the site export for repositories that contain broken nodes without a proper rootline (one or multiple parent nodes in the path are missing).

Related: NEOS-991

[BUGFIX] Sites with the same prefix are exported multiple times

This fixes a case where nodes were exported multiple times, if one site node name is the prefix of other site node names. This lead to duplicate key constraint errors during the import.

Related: NEOS-991

[BUGFIX] Support import of multiple sites

This change fixes a problem with the import of multiple sites. The end element for nodes was not correctly discovered, such that the nodes of the second site would break the import.

For more robustness in these cases the change introduces an exception if an unknown XML element is processed.

Related: NEOS-991


[BUGFIX] Fix parse errors with TypoScript comments

This commit fixes problems with parsing “comments in comments” in TypoScript


# */ text meant as comment

Adds a unit test and a fixture that reproduces the parsing error. Adds a unit test for the split pattern used to identify the “type of comment”. Refactors unit test for the TypoScript parser.

Resolves: NEOS-864

[BUGFIX] PHP 5.3 compatibility broken

A regression breaking PHP 5.3 compatibility was introduced with I4b2034794af05aab1ceb67d120b2da25f4b510f5 by using $this in a Closure.

Related: NEOS-1031

[BUGFIX] Exception causes fatal error in TypoScriptPathProxy __toString

If an exception occurs during handling of a rendering exception a fatal error is thrown due to __toString methods not being allowed to throw exceptions. To prevent that we catch those exceptions and try to render them with a context depenent exception handler instead. If that also fails we fall back to a custom handling of the exception.

Fixes: NEOS-898

[BUGFIX] Runtime needs to reset context if it was overriden

Context overrides were just popped off the stack at the end of the evaluateInteral method, but need to be removed always before returning if override happened.

[BUGFIX] Matcher with “renderer” should evaluate in own context

A TypoScript (Case) Matcher configured with renderer should be evaluated with itself as context object, so that the following configuration works as expected:

hasLayout {
  layout = ${q(node).property('layout')}
  condition = ${this.layout ? true : false}
  renderer = ${this.layout}

Without this bugfix the renderer would fail as this was not set.

(cherry picked from commit b442fcfacef4cdb12b273fb663d9a717a2a3befc)


[TASK] Remove unclosed li element in tags list


No changes