1.2.11 (2015-10-14)

Overview of merged pull requests

[BUGFIX] Graceful handling of node linking exceptions

  • Gracefully handle exceptions in the NodeUri TS object
  • Gracefully handle exceptions in node linking view helpers

[BUGFIX] Prevent fatal error in ``node:repair`` with broken node structure

When the “/sites” root node or it’s children cannot be found a fatal error is thrown or it’s silently ignored. Instead output an error message that the nodes could not be found.

  • Packages: Neos

[TASK] Enable Behat Neos Behat tests for Travis

Adds a @browser tag used to skip those since they require Selenium and take very long to run.

  • Packages: Neos

[TASK] Enable Behat Travis tests

Additionally includes a couple of general improvements.

  • Packages: Neos

[TASK] Ignore built JavaScript/CSS to avoid merge conflicts

To avoid merge conflicts, the minified built files are ignored in Git and instead added using force by the automated jobs in Jenkins.

  • Packages: Neos

[TASK] Replace usage of compass font-files to get rid of cache bust

This is done since we don’t need that cache bust and since it’s updated on every new compilation unnecessarily. It’s not possible to disable in Compass without scripting, so the inclusion is just done manually instead.

  • Packages: Neos

[BUGFIX] No longer use invalid data in functional test

The MigrationStatusRepositoryTest used invalid fixture data, the direction was filled with strings that were too long for the related DB column. On MySQL this is silently truncated, but on PostgreSQL it leads to an error.

Now the expected class constants are used in the test.

  • Packages: TYPO3CR

[BUGFIX] Use current node as document node if no document node is found

When the fallback node mode is triggered, the documentNode TypoScript variable is empty leading to various issues. This solves that by using the current node as the document node in that case.

[BUGFIX] Position master plugin selection above plugin view selection

Positions the master plugin selection in the inspector for a PluginView above instead of undernearth the plugin view selection, to avoid confusion since the plugin view selection depends on the master plugin selection.

[BUGFIX] Unset selected plugin view when changing master view

When changing the master view selection for a PluginView, the selected plugin view is not unset causing confusion.

[TASK] Remove superfluous quotes from PluginView label

Removes superfluous quotes around PluginView label seen in the plugin view editor for plugin views.

  • Packages: Neos

[BUGFIX] Fix license header text

Removes a superfluous “the” in the license header, it’s not “THE Neos”.

  • Packages: Neos

[TASK] Update license headers

This change updates license headers in all packages contained in the Neos Development Collection according to what has been discussed earlier: https://discuss.neos.io/t/rfc-license-header-file-doc-comment-change/517

  • Packages: Neos

[BUGFIX] Prevent fatal error for missing master plugin in PluginViews

Prevents PluginViews with a master plugin selected that cannot be found from throwing a fatal error. This can happen when the master plugin is removed/moved or is not available in the context.

[TASK] Add Code of Conduct

This adds a reStructuredText version of the Contributor Covenant code of conduct, to make it clear the project is governed by that.

See also http://contributor-covenant.org/version/1/2/0/

[TASK] Add Readme.rst files for individual packages

This adds a Readme.rst to each package, so that the read-only subsplit repositories have a readme file for GitHub to show and for the users to read.

  • Packages: Kickstarter Media Neos NodeTypes TYPO3CR TypoScript

[BUGFIX] Reset date picker to current date instead of null

If reset to null, the date picker would default to 1899 instead of the current date when being opened again.