1.2.10 (2015-08-13)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Update composer.json information

[TASK] Revert composer manifest to dev versions

See https://jenkins.neos.io/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/60/


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://jenkins.neos.io/job/Neos%20-%20Release/68/

[TASK] Update description in composer.json

[BUGFIX] node:repair generateUriPathSegments should use dimensions

The generateUriPathSegments plugin for node:repair should take all dimensions into consideration and not only language.

This change fixes it by using the new methods added for fixing node:repair in TYPO3CR.

Additionally now applies to root nodes and uses the node label instead if it’s name to generate the URI path segment.

Depends: I995285f22fa5486d5bc53c4f96f68bb9fae831a3 Fixes: NEOS-1466

[TASK] Adjust documentation to auto-generated node names

Many have trouble with finding a child node by it’s node name due to the change to auto-generating node names. Therefore the examples for getting a child page by a given name is changed to getting by the uriPathSegment instead, which is more visible.

[BUGFIX] CreateNodeForTheTreeAction needs to filter for tree

The change Id9ea03a3935150b6f81d71ee27ef848e8e15aad1 introduced a regression as the returned children are not correctly filtered for the tree they are displayed in.

This change adds a node type filter based on the trees general base node type filter.

Fixes: NEOS-1469 Related: NEOS-1053 Related: Id9ea03a3935150b6f81d71ee27ef848e8e15aad1

[BUGFIX] Incorrect documentation example of TypoScript Value object

[BUGFIX] Child nodes missing for newly created nodes in structure tree

When inserting a node type that has auto created child nodes, the child nodes aren’t shown until reloading the tree. This change makes sure all auto generated child nodes are shown for newly inserted nodes.

Fixes: NEOS-1053

[BUGFIX] Prevent AssetEditor items to be removed randomly

If you removed an asset from an AssetList using the AssetEditor, other assets were removed too.


Apparently the reason for this behavior is that the remove() function is used by the Ember View implementation and probably it’s called by the framework when redrawing the View.

Fixes: NEOS-959

[BUGFIX] Selected node not active in structure tree after reload

When the context structure tree is reloaded the currently selected node is not activated after reloading the tree. This gives an invalid state of the tree where the inline and structure tree are out of sync, since the root element is active in the structure tree instead.

Fixes: NEOS-1473

[BUGFIX] Allow publishing/discarding of removed nodes

This tweaks the propertyMappingConfiguration of “nodes” argument in the Workspaces module allowing submission/reversion of deleted nodes.

Previously they triggered a property mapping exception because the specified nodes weren’t found.

Fixes: NEOS-1041

[BUGFIX] Reload structure tree after adding new nodes

When nodes were changed in the structure tree the tree would only reflect the current page after having navigated to another document for the second time.

This was caused by a fix added with https://review.typo3.org/26158 and which is no longer needed, since the observer on pageNodePath is not triggered if the same page is reloaded.

Fixes: NEOS-1343

[BUGFIX] uriPathSegment logic break non-document nodes with content object proxy

When inserting a new document node on a level that has non-document nodes using content object proxy a fatal error is thrown for not being able to call getUriPathSegment on the content object proxy. This happens due to the uriPathSegment logic tries to find all siblings (regardless of being documents or not) with a certain uriPathSegment. This becomes a problem when the property is fetched from a content object proxy instead of a node, since it calls an undefined getter method.

To fix this issue only document node types are tested for having the same uriPathSegment property.

Fixes: NEOS-1455

[BUGFIX] Ensure contentElementWrapping processor is executed last

In some cases where integrators add their own @process rules to content, the contentElementWrapping process is not executed last potentially causing the wrapping to be added to a wrong wrapper element.

This is solved by setting the position of the processor to:

@position = 'end 999999999'

Related: NEOS-1326

[TASK] Clean up Release Notes and ChangeLogs

The 1.0 release notes are merely links to the Changelogs. The >=1.1 release notes could be useful even when they are for older versions of the docs. So, this archives <1.0 and keeps >1.0.

This also adds a :reversed: flag to the TOC, so that the the release notes can be listed in reverse chronological order.

This also updates the ChangeLogs so that they don’t loose all of the formatting fixes that were added in later branches. Now that this is the only copy of those ChangeLogs, they need to be as usable as possible.

[TASK] Remove ChangeLogs for other branches from documentation

Having the ChangeLogs of all previous branches only balloons the documentation without a real gain.

[BUGFIX] Return backend user even if security context is uninitialized

If the security context has not yet been initialized the user service would return NULL instead of initializing the security context and then check if there was a backend user. Instead of only returning it if it’s already initialized, it checks if it’s possible to initialize or not.

[TASK] Move Doc Config from DocTools package

This moves the doc configuration from the DocTools package to the Neos package so that it can be changed per branch. To see the DocTools change, refer to I9b56df70f6b5140b41b41893a8fb6f516b8f1843

[BUGFIX] Select2 background image visible in high resolution

In I152f6ab8734f5ade6edc56d0ff14d8f55d5ef244 a regression was introduced for high resolution displays since the removed background was shown again due to usage of ”!important” in the high resolution styles.

[BUGFIX] Fix select2x2.png not found error

Adjusts the Gruntfile to fix the path for that file as well.

[TASK] Make PHP the default language for code blocks

The documentation now uses PHP as default language for code blocks, so that even when using just two colons to start a code-block it is highlighted.

[TASK] Add support for sphinx-autobuild

This adds support for sphinx-autobuild, which watches the Documentation directory and automatically re-renders docs on change. This allows for a livepreview while editing the docs.

To use it, install `sphinx-autobuild`_:

pip install sphinx-autobuild

To use livepreview just run make livehtml instead of make html. Then, visit to see the livereload version of the docs. Note, this builds the docs in _build/livehtml instead of _build/html because the docs include some javascript to make livereload work.

[TASK] Add changelog for TYPO3 Neos 1.1.7

See https://jenkins.neos.io/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/59/

[TASK] Make PHP highlighting work for snippets

This adds the “official” hack to turn on startinline for all php codeblocks whether they’re a snippet or a full file.

Sphinx and docutils don’t support setting the startinline option for pygments. That means that snippets of PHP code that don’t have “<?php ?>” don’t get highlighted. The hack was documented here: http://mbless.de/blog/2015/03/02/php-syntax-highlighting-in-sphinx.html https://github.com/fabpot/sphinx-php


[TASK] Make sure that a documents subpageLayout is displayed below layout

The layout setting for a document should always be rendered before the subpageLayout setting. This change sets for either layout and subpageLayout positions to make sure they are always rendered in the correct ordering.

Resolves: NEOS-1441


No changes


[BUGFIX] node:repair should consider dimensions

This change makes sure that all node:repair command plugins operate correctly with dimensions.

The NodeFactory gained an internal method to generate a context based on a given NodeData instance that matches the properties of this.

Additionally TYPO3\\TYPO3CR\\Domain\\Service\\ContentDimensionCombinator was introduced to deal with generating possible dimension configuarations for Context generation.

Releaes: master, 2.0, 1.2 Fixes: NEOS-1466

[BUGFIX] Moving content in different dimensions should not break

Without this fix you could end up loosing nodes when you had a variant of a Node in different dimensions and moved one of the variants to a different path and back to the old path. This would (depending on the order of operations and dimensions) either lead to an exception because the variant would be found on the (old) path and thus the path marked as blocked or the node would get a different node name rendering the node inaccessible as then two nodes with the same identifier but different name (same parentpath) would exist.

Both cases are fixed by making the checks for existence stricter and excluding variants in other dimensions.

Fixes: NEOS-1339

[BUGFIX] Avoid duplicate key errors with setDimensions()

When dimensions are set, the dimensions property of NodeData is clear()ed, and then the given dimensions are added.

If one of the added dimensions has the same name and value as one that was present, a duplicate key error occurs during persisting of the changes, because Doctrine first does the inserts and then the removal of records.

This change fixes that by actually comparing the dimensions to be set to the ones already set on the node, re-using instances that have the same name and value.

Fixes: NEOS-1462

[TASK] Fix source documentation on dimension migration tooling

Fixes some doc comments in SetDimensions and DimensionValues.


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