1.2.1 (2015-01-02)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Add date to changelog titles

[TASK] Depend on 1.2-dev branches of distribution packages


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/24/

[TASK] Remove wrong title in changelog index

[TASK] Add release date to changelog titles

[TASK] Remove backup changelog for 1.1.0

[TASK] Only warn when navigating away for non safe requests

When navigating away from the content module an alert is shown if requests are in progress. This leads to some undesired alerts when the requests are simple get requests that won’t cause loss of data if not completed. To improve this the behavior should only apply to non safe requests.

Resolves: NEOS-907

[BUGFIX] Remove undesired “(Page)” when editing titles in the node tree

When editing a title in the node tree the title used contains “(Page)” afterwards, since its using the tooltip as it’s source for the existing title.

Fixes: NEOS-909

[TASK] Use HTML5 validation on login form

Prevents sending incomplete login credentials.

Related: NEOS-815

[BUGFIX] Add missing username on re-login dialog

Fixes: NEOS-905

[BUGFIX] Handle unset inspector groups correctly

Prevent a fatal error when unsetting an inspector group to ~ (null)

Fixes: NEOS-910

[TASK] Use consistent label on publish all button

Always show “Publish all” instead of “Published” when no publishable changes are present. This is to avoid confusion of what the button does and to streamline it with the discard buttons.

Resolves: NEOS-908

[BUGFIX] Throw exception when trying to import an invalid Sites.xml file

With this change a more meaningful exception is thrown if a site could not be imported for unknown reasons. Besides this slightly improves the site:import command to give feedback about the imported site on success.

This also adds some cosmetic and non-functional cleanups in order to increase readabilty and IDE support:

  • Import FQN where applicable
  • Reduce nesting in SiteImportService::importFromFile()
  • Remove unused import statements
  • Whitespace fixes

Related: NEOS-885

[BUGFIX] ContentCollection properties cannot be saved

Without this change, saving ContentCollections results in an endless loop.

Resolves: NEOS-188

[BUGFIX] Clear content and route cache when importing / pruning sites

Adds signals and dispatcher connections to clear content and routing caches when sites were pruned or imported.

Fixes: NEOS-885

[BUGFIX] fix image cropper on sites without bootstrap

Because an unprefixed “clearfix” CSS class was used, the image cropper only worked on sites based on Bootstrap. This is fixed by properly namespacing the clearfix css class and use “neos-clearfix” instead.

Resolves: NEOS-901

[TASK] Display warning if a inspector editor cannot be loaded

Related: NEOS-894 (cherry picked from commit 46a5a721ab41fde21565902ca725f291d08a5021)

[TASK] Streamline direction and adjust position of notification arrow

(cherry picked from commit 1da2e6e41bfcb6373e40d4ec47ba53e8c39c1b91)

[TASK] Refactor PrimaryContent to use “renderer” instead of “type”

Using “renderer” with an object and property declaration is easier to read than “type” with prototype override.

(cherry picked from commit 55fd6c7d1e4b8043bf9e395c7aefdba3853890ac)

[TASK] Small correction in PHPDoc for convertUriToObject method

(cherry picked from commit d1e9fa6cef3fcea9520cdd085ecde9f1d0db8fab)

[BUGFIX] Disallow inserting content in normal content elements

To avoid allowing inserting content inside other content elements, unless explicitly allowed like for the content collection, we constraint it for all content elements.

Fixes: NEOS-445

[BUGFIX] Error for selected values in LinkEditor

Prevent errors thrown in the LinkEditor for selected values due to incorrect format used in jQuery selector, leading to Syntax error, unrecognized expression.

Fixes: NEOS-891 Related: NEOS-856

[BUGFIX] Gracefully handle wrong property types in PropertyEditor

Before this a wrong / missing property type would basically crash the backend and give no clear error message. This change adds a notification and a console error (if available) with more details.

Related: NEOS-883

[TASK] Add site node to content context for rendering tests

Functional tests might give wrong exceptions on failure because the exception handler expects a site context variable.

[BUGFIX] Adjust broken NodeTypeSchemaBuilder test

Adjusts the broken NodeTypeSchemaBuilder test for nodeTypesContainCorrectSuperTypes to the changed format.

Related: NEOS-870

[BUGFIX] ContentContextFactory should not instanciate Now

The ContentContextFactory created instances of \TYPO3\Flow\Utility\Now which should instead be injected.

This resulted in hard to debug errors and is prevented by injecting Now into the parent class in TYPO3CR.

Related: NEOS-879

[BUGFIX] Fix typos in 1.2 changelogs

[TASK] Update release notes for 1.2.0


No changes


No changes


[!!!][BUGFIX] Node with identifier should only exist once per context

On adopting nodes or in cases with undefined NodeData precedence it could happen that for the same identifier two Node objects are created for the same context. By just using the identifier and the context object hash in NodeFactory that is prevented. Nodes that are adopted into their own context directly get the new NodeData object, thus the factory doesn’t need to know about it.

This removes the $dimensions argument from NodeInterface::createNode(). It was dangerous to use anyway so you shouldn’t rely on it. Node::createNode() also sees the argument removed so make sure you remove all usages of it from your code.

Fixes: NEOS-354

[BUGFIX] Fix broken test in NodeImportServiceTest

[BUGFIX] Correclty handle empty property elements in node import

Resolves: NEOS-807

[BUGFIX] Fix broken ContextFactoryTest & ContextTest

Fixes two broken tests, which break due to the unit tests not automatically injecting lazy properties.

ContextFactoryTest::createMergesDefaultPropertiesBeforeSettingAnInstanceByIdentifier ContextTest::getCurrentDateTimeReturnsACurrentDateAndTime

Related: NEOS-879

[BUGFIX] Now should not be instanciated

Currently the ContextFactory creates new instances of \TYPO3\Flow\Utility\Now which results in multiple context instances despite having the same context properties.

This led to hard to debug errors that could happen randomly. By injecting Now from the ObjectManager these problems are prevented.

Resolves: NEOS-879


No changes


[BUGFIX] Fail gracefully for broken resources

When a resource is missing an uncaught exception is thrown, rendering the page completely unaccessible.

Fixes: NEOS-414

[!!!][TASK] Move ImageTag and ImageUri TypoScript objects to TYPO3.Neos

This moves the ImageTag and ImageUri TypoScript objects to the Neos package to avoid a dependency on TypoScript in TYPO3.Media.

This is breaking if you already used the newly introduced objects, in that case you have to replace TYPO3.Media with TYPO3.Neos.

Fixes: NEOS-745


No changes