1.2.0-beta3 (2014-12-03)

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[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/22/

[BUGFIX] Only process node arguments with matching format in route cache

Prevent errors caused by custom node arguments not having the correct format needed to extract the identifier.

Resolves: NEOS-556

[TASK] Use real UriBuilder in functional RenderingTest

The use of a mocked UriBuilder broke when using the UriBuilder using chained calls, as only reset() returned the mock and any other calls did not. This lead to “method call on a non-object” errors.

[BUGFIX] document reference/references editor with node type restriction

Resolves: NEOS-840

[BUGFIX] Prevent unselectable inline editable content

When deleting all text in inline editable fields, it sometimes becomes impossible to select the field to insert new text. This happens because left over empty tags have zero height.

Fixes: NEOS-843

[TASK] Cache first online site and active domain in memory

Resolves: NEOS-572

[TASK] Change icon of content collections

(cherry picked from commit 402d335521c3bb73c6387fbab628295be63f8d9c)

[BUGFIX] Adding custom handlebars.js breaks Neos backend

Ember should prioritize imported Handlebars over global Handlebars to allow Neos to use its own version if any other is loaded.

This patch is actually part of newer versions of Ember:

Fixes: NEOS-301

[BUGFIX] Skip unnecessary time screen in DateTime inspector editor

When no minutes or seconds exists in the date format, the minute screen should be skipped entirely.

Fixes: NEOS-577

[BUGFIX] Respect inactive state for domains

If a domain is inactive the domain will not be used for determining the active site. This means that when requesting an inactive domain the default site will be shown instead, as if the domain hasn’t been configured.

Previously the domain state wasn’t taken into account at all meaning that inactive domains would still match their respective site.

Fixes: NEOS-181

[TASK] Display warning when an error occurs while saving

Implements a modal dialog which warns the editor when an error occurs while saving content changes. The dialog offers the opportunity to reload the current page in an attempt to fix the problem.

Related: NEOS-346

[BUGFIX] Node search service needs to consider node dimensions

Use the NodeDataRepository to do the properties search to have a proper workspace and dimension behavior.

Fixes: NEOS-824

[TASK] Login dialog improvements

Prevents the login dialog from being duplicated if multiple request were restricted.

Also streamlines the styling with the normal login by moving the failed login message below the form, introducing a shake effect on failed login.

Additionally indication of a login is in progress is added to the normal login as well as the dialog login.

Furthermore fixes the login dialog to use native form validation in the form of required fields.

Fixes: NEOS-599 Resolves: NEOS-815

[BUGFIX] Request forbidden after login dialog re-login

When a non GET request is being intercepted by the login dialog, the request retry fails after a successful login. This is due to the CSRF token isn’t updated before retrying the request.

Fixes: NEOS-814

[TASK] LinkEditor & Reference(s) inspector editors improvements

  • Removes the <b> tag around results in Reference(s) editors
  • Highlights result text matching search text
  • Prevent re-initializing Reference(s) editors unnecessarily on property changes

Resolves: NEOS-808

[BUGFIX] Publish button failed connection state broken

Since the removal of ExtDirect the failed connection status for the publish menu has been broken, because it uses the node endpoint to listen for failed requests, which isn’t available. Instead it should listen to the HttpClient.

Fixes: NEOS-444

[BUGFIX] Node type schema validation throws errors

Adds schema for ui.aloha strong, em, del & formatlesspaste options

Allows setting ui.inspector.group to NULL as well as a string (unset support)

Fixes: NEOS-813 Fixes: NEOS-812

[TASK] Pass the controller context to a data source if it’s settable

A data source might need access to the current request for building URIs. With this change, the controller context is set if a data source provides a setter for it.

Related: NEOS-594

[BUGFIX] use nodeName instead of label for node:repair command

node:repair must be used for upgrading to Neos 1.2 Nodenames with german umlauts will break the new builded url from the url path segment without this fix.

Fixes: NEOS-819

[BUGFIX] Remove PHP 5.4 syntax for Neos 1.2 and 1.1 branches

The fix for NEOS-411 introduced PHP 5.4 syntax for short arrays into the AbstractServiceController.

Related: NEOS-411

[BUGFIX] Icon alignment on insert new panel buttons

[BUGFIX] Inline editing insert new panel sorting broken

Regression introduced in Ie87f10dd3bd9b61a4e65d84bba05813f9476a52b

Related: NEOS-609

[BUGFIX] Grunt should watch scss files in all subdirectories

The pattern did not consider files in directories of a deeper level.

[BUGFIX] Prevent recursion problems in Menus

Object comparisons should be done strict otherwise PHP will do a full comparison of all properties of both objects, which is slow and can lead to recursion problems. Changing the rootline comparison in menus to strict will prevent that.

[BUGFIX] Uncached PluginView

Plugins are uncached by default. PluginViews should get the same caching behavior.

Resolves: NEOS-548

[TASK] Minor improvements to SelectBoxEditor

[BUGFIX] Bottom border in single selected option for Select2

[BUGFIX] Shake effect on failed login broken

A regression was introduced with the update of jQueryUI, breaking the shake effect shown on failed logins. This is due to the library no longer having the effects included, and the path to the library not being adjusted.

Related: Ia286cf80246d21337eb1ae6bd3ad3d2aa22833ab

Fixes: NEOS-803

[TASK] Update release notes for 1.2.0-beta2


[BUGFIX] Order of image properties

The order of properties in the image inspector group, is not specfically configured meaning that the order is determined by the configuration merging.


[BUGFIX] Add default dimension values when kickstarting a new site

The site kickstarter never added any dimension values to the generated Sites.xml, this would result in an unusable site if dimensions where configured as the nodes without dimension values wouldn’t be found.

With this change the current dimension defaults are added to the generated Sites.xml. This still means that kickstarting a site, then adding dimensions and importing will result in a problem. But this should be solved on the Neos side in a general way.

Fixes: NEOS-757

[BUGFIX] Make special characters in sitename possible

When using special charcters in the sitename while creating a new site with the kickstarter the generated site.xml is rendered broken.

Resolves: NEOS-493


[TASK] Minor comment changes to NodeData class

[TASK] Include (internal) search over node properties

Move the method for node fulltext search into a repository method for proper workspace and dimension behavior. This method is internal API and bound to change.

Related: NEOS-824

[BUGFIX] Site export is broken due to incorrect sorting

Fix sorting order by making / always precede other characters like -.

If there are two similarilly named nodes like node and node-1 they will be sorted by path as node, node-1, node-1/childnode, node/childnode which would cause site export to produce a broken XML (site export relies on correct sorting of nodes by path).

Doctrine doesn’t support replace function, thus the sorting is implemented in PHP by replacing / with ! (the first visible character in ASCII).

Fixes: NEOS-829

[BUGFIX] Add label property to NodeTypes schema

This extends the NodeTypes.schema.yaml to cover the recently introduced label property. The updated schema also supports unsetting of existing labels (by setting it NULL)

Fixes: NEOS-813 Fixes: NEOS-812

[BUGFIX] When writing to dimensionValues use proper conversion to DB

The dimensionValues field of NodeData is declared as object array, thus when writing to it, the proper conversion needs to be done.

Related: FLOW-132

[BUGFIX] Make findByWorkspace() work on PostgreSQL

The introduction of a check for “removed = 0” breaks on PostgreSQL because there is no operator to compare integer to boolean directly.

Using a placeholder in the query and giving a type hint to Doctrine this is fixed with this change.

Fixes: NEOS-823 Related: NEOS-770

[TASK] Make TYPO3CR independent of TYPO3.Media again

This change removes a hard dependency of TYPO3.Media, to make TYPO3CR usable again in projects that do not use TYPO3.Media.


[BUGFIX] Support access to properties with “this” in @if expressions

This is a missing case that was not tested and can easily be fixed.

Fixes: NEOS-835


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