1.2.0-beta2 (2014-11-26)

Second beta release includes two important fixes solves issues with moving nodes and linking to nodes/assets in inline editing.

Read more about the linking issues in the commit message.

Known issues

  • Kickstarting a new site is not working if the demo site package is active

    Deactivate the demo site package with ./flow package:deactivate TYPO3.NeosDemoTypo3Org before you kickstart a new site

Base Distribution


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/21/

[TASK] Various visual improvements for workspaces module

  • Improve handling of very long node paths
  • Use node type’s name instead of configuration label
  • Removes duplicate display of site (when multiple sites)
  • Small adjustments to icons

[BUGFIX] Inline linking to nodes/assets broken

Linking to nodes/assets in inline editable properties using Aloha, was broken because the href attribute was removed during sanitization. They were removed since node:// & asset:// wasn’t acknowledged as correct. This happened due to the sanitization configuration being overwritten, a regression introduced with the Aloha upgrade.

Unfortunately this bug means that all links to nodes/assets made inline since the Aloha update are broken. However they can be fixed by clicking the link in the text, since the href is then added and saved correctly.

Additionally removed unused marking/cleaning code.

Fixes: NEOS-742

[BUGFIX] Reference(s) inspector editors with selection broken

A regression was introduced with the addition of icons to the reference(s) inspector editors, causing a JavaScript error when an existing selection should be shown.

Regression change I322998d5e25363684366eaec755bb4b984be8f1c

Fixes: NEOS-801 Related: NEOS-409

[TASK] Adjust to node publishing dependecy ordering

Adjusts the publishing service test to the new dependency ordering in the node publishing introduced in I5b9ab12384c7b8298bb79752c0e90563a62c2203.

Related: NEOS-770

[TASK] Update Aloha 1.1.3 to 1.1.5

[BUGFIX] Fix typo in ReferenceEditor.js

Removes a superfluous line that has been accidentally introduced with Id51aa287d57eb50e55536604878c22c6dfc52c15

Related: NEOS-558 Related: NEOS-801

[TASK] Trim and crop default node label

The text property is used for the label and it often contains line breaks. To avoid whitespace around the text, it should be trimmed.

Additionally the label is cropped to a 100 characters, since it’s very unlikely a label needs to be any longer than that. This is again necessary because the text property can often contain lots of text.

Related: NEOS-257

[BUGFIX] Raise Grunt version

Using grunt.config.merge needs at least Grunt version 0.4.5

[TASK] Insert new panel improvements

  • Styled as cards instead of links
  • Navigatable with tab navigation
  • Max-height with overflow when exceeded
  • Handling of long node type labels (ellipsis + title)

Additionally some clean up:

  • Renamed AbstractDialog to AbstractModal
  • Abstracted the two different InsertNodePanels into one

Fixes: NEOS-581 Resolves: NEOS-609

[TASK] Focus action buttons when opening dialogs

When dialog are opened the focus is moved on the action buttons of the dialog, which prevents allows keyboard navigation to handle the dialog. Additionally it prevents weird behavior when hitting enter or tab navigating after opening a dialog.

Resolves: NEOS-596

[BUGFIX] ImageUriImplementation dependent on new resource management

Moving of the new image TypoScript objects cause issues, since the objects had been adjusted to the new resource management. This change brings back the original implementation, which works for 1.2.

Related: NEOS-745

[TASK] Allow configurable search thresholds in reference editors

The reference and references editor use a threshold of 1 character before they start a search for matches. This change makes that threshold configurable:

  threshold: 4

The default value is now 2.

Resolves: NEOS-558

[BUGFIX] Validation errors empty for service controllers

When a validation error is thrown in a service controller the errorAction tries to output it, but the output is empty because json_encode cannot handle objects.

Relases: master, 1.2, 1.1 Fixes: NEOS-411

[TASK] Move ImageTag and ImageUri TypoScript objects

This TypoScriptObject was moved from TYPO3.Media to avoid a dependency on TypoScript in Media. See original change for usage examples, I10898dd66838f5bfedff23818e92100efb35bffe.

Fixes: NEOS-745

[TASK] Remove duplicated method from PublishingService

[TASK] Group, sort & add icons for node types in NodeTypeEditor

Group and sort node types as defined in the node type configuration in the NodeTypeEditor used for changing node type in the inspector. Additionally add node type icon for added clarity.

Resolves: NEOS-422

[BUGFIX] Document node types shown in inline create new panel

If a document node type has the configuration ui.group set, it shows up in the inline create new panel.

Fixes: NEOS-736

[TASK] Consistent meaning for arrow directions on buttons

There’s a mixture in the direction of various arrow buttons. Now they’re streamlined to mean that the direction the arrow points is the direction that the element moves. E.g. a down allow opens the element when clicked.

Resolves: NEOS-598

[BUGFIX] Search the node tree loses focus

When the node tree is searched, the focus on the search field is lost after the results are returned.

This causes the situation where the user hits backspace and then instead of deleting parts of the search term the page is navigated back.

Fixes: NEOS-359

[BUGFIX] Shortcut points to unsupported type

When a shortcuts resolves to a node it results in the error 500 Shortcut resolves to unsupported type. This happens as the check for instanceof NodeInterface in the NodeController fails is not imported and as such returns FALSE.

Resolves: NEOS-754

[TASK] Remove deprecated TemplateImplementation

The Neos TemplateImplementation was deprecated even before version 1.0 and just outputs an error message, therefor cannot be in productive use. Removing it will fix the possible error in the AbstractMenuImplementation that imports the TemplateImplementation from TypoScript which can lead to a fatal PHP error as the name is already in use in this namespace.

Resolves: NEOS-738

[TASK] Add known issue to 1.2.0-beta1 release notes

[TASK] Adjust 1.2.0-beta1 release notes

[TASK] Update 1.2.0-beta1 release notes


No changes


No changes


[BUGFIX] Discarding of changes should consider shadow nodes

Shadow nodes need to be removed when removing a changed node from a workspace.

Fixes: NEOS-797

[BUGFIX] Multiple moves of nodes break publishing/results in lost content

Shadow nodes must only be created if no original shadow node exists before. This solves moving the same node twice. In addition a scenario where a node is moved to and from at the same path is covered by storing the reference and sorting the nodes to be published by their dependencies (topological sorting).

Fixes: NEOS-770

[TASK] Remove empty DocBook manual stub


No changes


No changes


[BUGFIX] Fix position of menu node on “Shortcuts” page

This is a follow-up to the previous commit I4786908d68f99050a7a7f935e7c02b472c07f3f3 that fixes the positioning of the shortcut menu on the “Shortcuts” page

Related: NEOS-564

[TASK] Add examples for the different shortcut node types

Renames the page “Shortcut” to “Shortcuts” and adds four sub-nodes of the currently supported shortcut node types:

  • Shortcut to first child node
  • Shortcut to parent node
  • Shortcut to selected target
  • Shortcut to external URI

Related: NEOS-564