Interaction with the Neos backend

JavaScript events

Some sites will rely on JavaScript initialization when the page is rendered, typically on DocumentReady, and typically via jQuery or similar framework. The Neos backend will however often reload the page via Ajax whenever a node property is changed, and this might break functionality on sites relying on custom JavaScript being executed on DocumentReady.

To fix this, the Neos backend will dispatch an event when the page is reloaded via ajax, and site specific JavaScript can listen on this event to trigger whatever code is needed to render the content correctly.

if (typeof document.addEventListener === 'function') {
      document.addEventListener('Neos.PageLoaded', function(event) {
              // Do your stuff!
      }, false);

The event object given, will always have the message and time set on event.detail. Some events might have more attributes set.

Note that this only works in IE9+, Safari, Firefox and Chrome. For earlier IE versions the events are not triggered.

The Neos backend will dispatch events that can be listened on when the following events occur:

  • Neos.PageLoaded Whenever the page reloads by Ajax.
  • Neos.PreviewModeActivated When the backend switches from edit to preview mode.
  • Neos.PreviewModeDeactivated When the backend switches from preview to edit mode.
  • Neos.ContentModuleLoaded When the content module is loaded (i.e. when a user is logged in).