1.1.2 (2014-09-02)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Update release scripts to include Media with Neos

This makes sure TYPO3.Media is released together with Neos.


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/19/

[BUGFIX] Better error checking for missing content collection nodes

This change introduces a backward compatible helper that will search for a content collection node on the current or parent node. If none is found a speaking error message is generated in an exception that should help to solve the error.

Fixes: NEOS-150

[BUGFIX] Focus lost for inline editing after deletion on every save

After a content element has been deleted the “contentChanged” event is triggered for every “contentSaved” event afterwards. Instead it should only happen once. Regression introduced in I7104d0ceab260c8e679e67cdc716ca33e2880836.

The focus is only lost if the structure tree is open.

Fixes: NEOS-368 (cherry picked from commit b7ebf31112735648a373b9e8b4042f4d76b4b208)

[TASK] Enhance documentation

[BUGFIX] Inline editable properties for documents not visible

When a property is inline editable directly on the document, it’s not visible in any way. Now a gray outline is displayed on hover as well as a blue outline when focussed matching the behavior of the content elements.

Fixes: NEOS-362

[BUGFIX] Content collections marked unpublished for new pages

When creating a new page and publishing the changes, the content collections remain shown as unpublished changes. This is due to the cache for the content collections not being flushed when publishing the first time. Afterwards the content collections will remain in the live workspace, so clearing the content cache solves the issue for existing pages.

It is solved by adding a entry tag for all content collections directly in the document, making sure that content collections are flushed when the document is.

Fixes: NEOS-339

[BUGFIX] Wrapping pages results in PHP notice

Using the ContentElementWrappingService on document nodes can lead to PHP notices because the attribute class might not have been defined prior to concatenating. This leads to Flow exceptions and break the site. This change fixes it by initializing the empty class array entry at the beginning. The problem was introduced with the related change below.

Related: Ia11ac5b6c7bef4c30e005b53f21215d0b17637c1

(cherry picked from commit 0ab4d7afebb0e709204184cbaab378a8bf6d6bdc)

[BUGFIX] Backend redirects breaks with invisible/inaccessible nodes

If a node is inaccessible or invisible (hidden after/before) the backend redirect service cannot find it thus leading to not being able to redirect to the page. In case the fallback redirect is used to the site’s root node and the root node is inaccessible/invisible the backend will throw a 404, even though the page can be accessed just fine in the content module.

This is caused because the context created for finding the nodes in the backend redirect service doesn’t allow inaccessible/invisible nodes.

Fixes: NEOS-225 (cherry picked from commit 4f45c7673444f514f86b3b7f031af64dad48692a)

[BUGFIX] Enable/disable edit in create uses different selector

The enable/disable edit methods in create uses a different selector, meaning that it could happen that some entities are not disabled correctly.

(cherry picked from commit d52417e7f26dbab56af953e889b3c4b61955e763)

[BUGFIX] respect “workspace” argument consistently when auto-creating child nodes

How to reproduce

  • Create a new page (which then only exists in your user workspace)
  • Then, modify NodeTypes yaml to add a new (auto-created) child node
  • Then, run ./flow node:autocreatechildnodes. We’d expect no changes on your newly created page, because it only exists in your user workspace, but not in live workspace (where auto-creation is applied).
  • However, without this change, the node (with all childnodes) gets created in live workspace as well, leading to duplicated nodes in the node tree.

(cherry picked from commit 2748340766273526765c069430445da0ec9fea79)

[BUGFIX] Content collection falls back to first child if nodePath is empty

When a content collection cannot find a node in the given path, it falls back to the first found child node on the current page. This leads to very unexpected and confusing results, e.g. rendering the main content collection right before the content collection with the unfound node.

(cherry picked from commit 575a608722c6225bf944795be83a162fa4230ac2)

[BUGFIX] Site Export should be able to handle broken assets/images

This is a workaround for NEOS-121 which fixes the site export e.g. with the demo site.

In order to test this, the demo site should be exported directly after it was imported. This broke without that change.

Related: NEOS-121 (cherry picked from commit d772782eee6e8935dbf315294d9de6b42e7279d6)

[BUGFIX] Importing of resources broken due to wrong argument order

Creating resources during site import was broken for assets in arrays that were not used elsewhere.

(cherry picked from commit fb63ad5dfdca4f2b489874d9835c6372950d15e8)


No changes


No changes


[BUGFIX] Searching node properties works only case sensitive

Search for the given identifier in the repository method findByRelationWithGivenPersistenceIdentifierAndObjectTypeMap should be done case sensitive because case insensitive search won’t work on blob fields in MySQL.

Since case sensitive like was merged in Flow with I53cd80e145eb49bcf8251f0045b9f3ec4fd61105 the feature to prevent deletion of used assets was broken.


[BUGFIX] Ignore empty tags in @cache.entryTags configuration

When unsetting a tag in TypoScript, the resulting value will be an empty (null) tag. This is not allowed in the caching framework which will throw an exception for this case.

This change ignores empty tag values so unsetting a key in the entryTags configuration is possible.


[TASK] Unify button styling in Media management

The submit button should be blue.

Resolves: NEOS-222

[TASK] Escape caption text in thumbnail view

Fixes: NEOS-237

(cherry picked from commit 47c3f745c2f28120d98f611cf9e6782970797a5e)

[BUGFIX] Functional tests use sys_get_temp_dir()

The functional tests use the sys_get_temp_dir() function which causes problems if Flow resides on a network share but PHP temp dir is still set to a local disk.

When this happens PHP will fail to move the file from the local disk to the network storage as this is not supported by PHP.


No changes