1.1.1 (2014-08-26)

Base Distribution


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/18/

[BUGFIX] Children operation should only work with nodes

(cherry picked from commit 55c8c74ae90a31148e2f7c71923015de3fb2b2d2)

[TASK] Improve ViewHelper documentation, add reference

The documentation of the Neos ViewHelpers is amended and fixed with this changes.

A Neos ViewHelper reference (in an appendix) is added to the documentation with this change.

[BUGFIX] Inspector Image Cropper should not open if dummy-image is shown

Else, this is very confusing for users which accidentally open the (empty) image cropper by clicking on the Neos dummy image

Fixes: NEOS-130 (cherry picked from commit 1882989129db869406be50802a184528e09b1421)

[BUGFIX] Remove neos-contentelement class from page metainformation

The page’s metadata wrapper gets the class neos-contentelement set.

This change also makes sure the class attribute is trimmed, which can be necessary for content collections.

(cherry picked from commit 21812d151cb00e9185cf42f275ed1227a7c33c11)

[TASK] Change RUBY_VERSION check to match versions > 1.9

The current check for the RUBY_VERSION only checked if a 1.9 version of Ruby is installed and as such does not work on 2.0 or higher. This change updates the comparison so it works for all versions higher than 1.9

[TASK] Use primary button styling in Site management

The button should be blue.

Resolves: NEOS-221

(cherry picked from commit abccf99fbdc6b4ec226a06a0059f7a8012092c40)

[BUGFIX] lastVisitedNode should be reset when changing sites

The lastVisistedNode session variable is always pointing to the node that was last open in frontend to redirect to that page. If the node is removed this redirect will lead to a “page not found” error. This can happen for example if something is changed in sites management. Therefore changes in sites management should clear this session variable.

Fixes: NEOS-127

(cherry picked from commit aa059625730c6330ee720fc379f462b1bf55535a)

[BUGFIX] Throw exception for missing node in editable view helper

This happens when a node is could not be found, but the view helper is still used. Now a catchable exception is thrown instead.

Fixes: NEOS-328

(cherry picked from commit 7ee3c5c017efcce6662b68ac9f90d19ac145f6a8)

[TASK] Add missing title attribute for “Toggle context structure”

[TASK] Swap some access checks with workspace checks

This change inverts a number of checks for the workspace being not the live workspace and for access to the TYPO3_Neos_Backend_GeneralAccess resource.

This makes it possible to render full Neos pages in a CLI context (where the security framework cannot be initialized) and should speed up things a tiny bit along the way (by avoiding security checks in case of live being rendered).

[BUGFIX] Class names missing for setup steps

[BUGFIX] Doctrine eventListener registered without key

Because the Doctrine event listener for the account post listener is registered without a key, registering another event listener in another package will result in overwriting the listener causing undesired side-effects.

[TASK] Fix code in nodetype examples

This fixes two typos in the node type examples in the Integrator’s Cookbook.

(cherry picked from commit fdabd851af9c29a5a45431d464d2c7c70fc5bff5)

[BUGFIX] Clicking outside the body should deselect active element

When a page is shorter than the height of the browser window and a content element is selected, clicking outside the body tag doesn’t deselect the active content element like it normally does when clicking outside any content elements.

Fixes: NEOS-207

[BUGFIX] Emptying a collection breaks create new

When a element in a content collection is removed it’s not possible to create new elements without reloading the page. This happens when there are removed elements in the collection and it checks if it should insert before one of them, which fails because they cannot be found.

Fixes: NEOS-182

[BUGFIX] NodeSearchService working as before

Due to the fix of case sensitive like queries merged in Flow (I53cd80e145eb49bcf8251f0045b9f3ec4fd61105) the NodeSearchService currently returns wrong results as it cannot properly lowercase the content of the properties blob field.

As we already discussed this cannot be fixed easily so for now the NodeSearchService will not attempt to search case insensitive.

This also needs to be backported to all branches that will get the Flow bugfix.

Fixes: NEOS-267

[TASK] Document missing configuration options for aloha

Resolves: NEOS-263

[BUGFIX] Behat Tests are green again

Adapts the behavior tests to the changes in the UI.

Note: The scenario Features/Content/InlineEditing.feature:7 is unstable because of server communication errors showing up sometimes.

Resolves: NEOS-74

[BUGFIX] Set correct cache mode for ContentCollection by default

Change the default TypoScript for ContentCollection to make it cached or embedded depending on the context.

With the power of prototype context dependent TypoScript declarations we can mitigate the problems when updating to Neos 1.1 or when new static ContentCollections are created.

The documentation and comments are updated to remove the need for user action in these cases.

Resolves: NEOS-227

[BUGFIX] Structure tree contains removed nodes after removal

Removing content outside the structure tree does not remove node from structure tree. This is due to the structure tree being reloaded before the removal has been saved to the server. To resolve this issue a new event ‘contentSaved’ has been introduced to storage.js. The remove nodeAction listens to the first ‘contentSaved’ event and triggers ‘contentChanged’ afterwards.

[BUGFIX] Content element overlay not displayed

This change fixes the content element overlay to display properly over the actual content by getting the full width/height including padding of content and apply to the overlay.

[BUGFIX] Find FlowQuery operation breaks with empty context

When the find operation is used on an empty context an exception is thrown because the canEvaluate method will return FALSE. This happens because there is no fallback operation for find and it can only evaluate if the first context element is a NodeInterface.

Fixes: NEOS-208

[BUGFIX] Pages created without entering a name should work

Creating pages wihout entering a name for the new page ended up in an exception and wrong “null” entry for the page that was not created. With this change a new page that has got no name will be “unnamed” automatically and prevent the exception.

Fixes: NEOS-86

[BUGFIX] Fix small typo in 1.1.0 change log introduction

[BUGFIX] (Sites Management) Importing site fails if kickstarter is not installed

When the site kickstarter is not installed, the “Package Key” and “Site Name” input fields are not rendered in the “Create Site” dialog. Because they are marked as required parameters, the following property mapping exception occurs on form submission:

The bug is 'Required argument "packageKey" is not set.'

This is fixed with this change by marking the arguments as optional.

Fixes: NEOS-128

[BUGFIX] Secondary Inspector Panel should close on changed node

Secondary inspector panels are used for additional editors that do not fit the inspector like the HTML editor or the media selector. The secondary panel should close when the selected node changes (for example by changing the page).

  • Fixes: #59452
  • Relates: NEOS-124

(cherry picked from commit c30d2f0d797e9639c22092963567274213dfcc81)

[TASK] Add release notes to 1.1.0 change log


[BUGFIX] Avoid exception when rendering new asset list element

A freshly created asset list element contains no assets array, thus a foreach triggers a notice throwing an exception. This change fixes that by checking for the assets value being an array before using it.

Resolves: NEOS-229


No changes


[BUGFIX] ContextFactory does not check dimension configuration

The ContextFactory should check if the given dimension values are arrays as specified or something else to prevent non meaningful error messages. The case now produces an exception with a clear error message stating that the dimension configuration is wrong.

Fixes: NEOS-280

[BUGFIX] Behat Feature works with PHP 5.3

Array Access to an array return from a function is not allowed in PHP 5.3. It was replaced by a backwards compatible access to the value.

[BUGFIX] Remove removed nodes without existing node when publishing

Nodes that are created and removed in a user workspace were not removed when publishing them to the live workspace. This can have sideeffects in the Neos backend where removed nodes are rendered and causes problems where a changed or removed node type throws exceptions.

This change fixes the problem and provides a migration to remove any of these removed nodes that stayed in the content repository.

Run the following node migration to remove published nodes that are removed:

./flow node:migrate 20140708120530

Fixes: NEOS-236

[TASK] Make properties optional in ContextFactory->create()

Since there are defaults and one could already pass an empty array to ContextFactory->create() this change makes the $contextProperties argument optional.

[BUGFIX] Danish/Norwegian letters converted incorrect in node name

The Danish/Norwegian letters “Ø/Å” are converted incorrect when the node title is transliterated into a valid node name. Instead of being converted to “oe/aa” they are just converted into “o/a”.

Fixes: NEOS-170


[BUGFIX] Underscore is not allowed as a TypoScript path value

Furthermore, fixed some comment indentations in the Parser

(cherry picked from commit 0ee12bd3db5f7189531cbc2ff4134d9211c3e674)


[TASK] Remove unnecessary cache mode configuration for ContentCollection

Depends on I50bc64f3224ef79a5d77e5c9715963515d3d0a02

[TASK] Position YouTube content element video properties uppermost