1.1.0 (2014-06-19)


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See https://ci.neos.typo3.org/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/14/

[TASK] Add ContentCache documentation to the documentation index

[TASK] Add Content Cache documentation

(cherry picked from commit e43a7d665f2dc7465cd32fe0b6304fc0ce871a7a)

[BUGFIX] Content element wrapping should fail gracefully

If the content element wrapping can’t find a node on the node variable it should return the content instead of throwing an exception.

This e.g. happens if a TypoScript object like “Text” is rendered standalone without a Node.

[!!!][BUGFIX] Menu state should not be calculated based on a shortcut

Fixes wrong behavior of menu states, introduced with the refactored MenuImplementation. Especially behavior of shortcuts pointing to a subpage of themself showed wrong current states.

This is only breaking compared to the 1.1 branch not to 1.0. If you need a link to the site root page with correct active state you shouldn’t create a shortcut pointing to it but rather include the real site root in the menu, by using the itemCollection property of the Menu TypoScript object.

TypoScript example:

itemCollection = ${q(site).add(q(site).children('[instanceof TYPO3.Neos:Document]')).get()}

[BUGFIX] Exception on deleting used Assets

Referenced Assets (like images) were not checked for usage in nodes so on next rendering an exception would be thrown effectively rendering the site unaccessible. This change prevents deletion of Assets that are still referenced.

Needs: I56f8e922f84c00d9402837591d308583f7069b3f

[BUGFIX] UserPreferenceController indexAction missing template

The index action in UserPreferenceController is lacking a fluid template so any call will raise an exception. This was now changed to return a json representation of the preferences.

Note: it seems at the moment this action is never called in the Neos backend.

[BUGFIX] The site import / export does not handle properties of type array

The AssetList stores an array of images / assets on a node which are not exported or imported. This change adds support for importing and exporting them.

There is still a bug wit serializing the Image objects on persist for which NEOS-121 is created.

(cherry picked from commit 8b549ef348ddb02083f05672b75cf2a05eb42b55)

[TASK] add alignment example for Aloha

(cherry picked from commit 857965c43534d3cea9a84af3618badabb0ae453e)

[BUGFIX] Alignment configuration for Aloha editor broken

It’s not possible to use the alignment configuration due to broken logic in the plugin itself and wrong configuration of Aloha settings.

[BUGFIX] Site import service duplicates image resources

If a site is imported multiple time the images in the database get duplicated.

(cherry picked from commit d9eb89b0c58e9d78ec07d6ca8fe0741fa23d14f3)

[BUGFIX] Content cache should be cleared when discarding changes

The WorkspacesController discarded changes by direct calls to the NodeDataRepository, which is highly discouraged as important signals will not be emitted by that.

This change updates the controller to use the PublishingService that will emit the correct signals and does not change behavior.

[BUGFIX] Use NodeNameGenerator to ensure unique node names

[BUGFIX] Hide formatting button when no options are available

When configuring the aloha editor not to have any formatting options, the selector is still shown although useless. This makes sure it’s hidden if no options are available.

[BUGFIX] Page tree reloads on every page change

When not using content dimensions the page tree gets reloaded on every page change due to a broken check if there are no content dimensions in the node path.

Introduced in Ic06ff0c679d5a141959c031e3dc296523a8dd2e1

(cherry picked from commit 8ea57cf615ae8b5727ab795f1bb10000b9d5c58d)

[BUGFIX] Title used in publishing notice relies on page reload

Currently the title used when publishing relies on the page being reloaded since it gets the property from the DOM instead of the VIE entity. This is needed when the title is inline editable.

(cherry picked from commit 7a064548cc78348d8c83ac479606384bf02e65c4)

[TASK] Add generated Eel helper documentation

Add generated documentation for Eel helpers. The documentation can be generated using the TYPO3.DocTools package with the following command:

./flow reference:render --reference EelHelpers

[BUGFIX] ConvertUris throws exception with NULL values

This happens if a node property doesn’t have a default value, but uses the processor on the value.

[BUGFIX] Find FlowQuery operation returns array with NULL

Instead of returning an empty array the find operation returns an array with NULL when a child node cannot be found.

[BUGFIX] Filter operation instanceof only works with node interface

[BUGFIX] Instanceof Fizzle operator only works with nodes

Neos overwrites the instanceof Fizzle operator behavior breaking the normal behavior when not dealing with nodes.


[image instanceof TYPO3\\Media\\Domain\\Model\\ImageVariant]

[BUGFIX] Asset editor calls server without identifier

When the list of assets allows multiple assets and has no value set it will send a json encoded empty array to the asset metadata endpoint. This results in an internal server error that is thrown to the user without further reason as we can just remove the loading state.

[BUGFIX] Children operation optimization bypasses filters

Additional attribute filters are bypassed when doing early optimization of filters for the FlowQuery children operation, limiting the possibilities of the children operation.

[BUGFIX] Inline editable properties re-initialized after publishing

When publishing changes all inline editable properties are re-initialized by Aloha in the callback due to the VIE entity being updated. This causes the cursor to be moved among other issues. To prevent this we update workspace for the entity silently.

[BUGFIX] Add correct changelog for TYPO3 Neos 1.1.0-beta3

The automatically created changelog was empty. This change adds the correct changelog.


[TASK] Work around Image serialize bug

This change adds a workaround typoscript object for the AssetList node type that prevents the related assets from being serialized during the site import.

Related: NEOS-121

(cherry picked from commit 8089b7b7a34c5a1ac97f414b120fbfc4fc68cf04)


[TASK] Update page TypoScript to match best practice

The page TypoScript declaration needs to use the correct property for head javascripts. The includes also had to be declared as an Array property instead of overriding the complete “javascripts” definition for further extension.

This change additionally adds the body javascripts as an additional section to the template for an easier start for the integrator.

(cherry picked from commit 1a577c1ae01d8f6cff19387492e57da50a9f0f6a)


[BUGFIX] createVariantForContext() fails if workspace differs from source

This change fixes a bug with Node::createVariantForContext() which fails if the specified target workspace differs from the workspace of the reference node’s workspace.

The root cause for this bug is that Node Data objects have been update()d on every modification regardless if they are new or not. Since most of the other operations were typically only used on nodes which have been persisted previously, the bug did not appear. createVariantForContext() however will create a clone of the reference node if the workspace differs which causes Repository->update() to fail.

This change also contains some small cosmetic changes and doc comment improvements related to content dimensions.

[TASK] Method to find entity relations in Node properties

Needed to detect linked media assets in nodes. But useful to find all kinds of related entities.

[TASK] Method to find if a given path exists anywhere in the CR

[BUGFIX] Fix three risky unit tests

[BUGFIX] Copy into the correct reference node

A copyAfter() and copyBefore() call will currently first copy the node into the reference node and then move after it in a second step. This is not only resource inefficient but also error prone.


[BUGFIX] TypoScriptRuntime should not intercept Login redirect

This changes changes the TypoScript Runtime to rethrow any Security exception it encounters. Without this the login redirect does not work.


[TASK] Add the homepage to the main menu

This change adds the homepage to the menu to show how this can be done with the following setup:

  • Site root contains homepage content
  • Homepage should be in main menu without using a shortcut so it can have a current state

This is the recommended way to create a menu for this setup since I4c0a92e3bf068b53c5d0286248feb6e8236894a7

(cherry picked from commit 2413956dafaa6c14ed334be638a77a08dc49f3ff)

[TASK] Add AssetList example element

(cherry picked from commit fc96b4b8b63bc595917a3fe56c691d25ff0cb0e0)

[TASK] Update exported site (fixes duplicate images)

(cherry picked from commit b5f066943c106546b4ad6cf863cf9b80eb42b9e8)

[BUGFIX] Use node full label instead of title for chapter pager

[TASK] Use new BreadcrumbMenu TS object instead of custom template

With the new BreadcrumbMenu TypoScript object in TYPO3.Neos we don’t have to use a custom one for the demo site.