Sprint Releases

TYPO3 Neos Sprint Release 1

  • Website Rendering
    • Uses TypoScript templates for output processing
    • TypoScript objects use Fluid templates for actual HTML output
    • Both kinds of templates (TypoScript and Fluid) are file-based and contained in a package
  • Content Editing
    • The login page can be called as in earlier TYPO3 versions
    • On sucessful login the backend is loaded

TYPO3 Neos Sprint Release 2

  • Dynamic Navigation and Menus
    • The menu is created using the Menu TypoScript Object.
    • The Menu is rendered via a recursive fluid template.
  • Edit Page Properties of the current page
    • The page title of the current page can be changed.

TYPO3 Neos Sprint Release 3

  • Editing content using the Aloha editor is possible.

TYPO3 Neos Sprint Release 4

  • Adding and deleting pages is possible
  • Internal refactorings:
    • Content storage now based on a rewritten TYPO3 Content Repository.
    • Overhauled JavaScript architecture for the backend UI.