1.0.2 (2014-03-03)

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[TASK] Update references in documentation

See http://ci.typo3.robertlemke.net/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/4/

[BUGFIX] Secondary inspector is rendered outside viewport in FF

The secondary inspector opens from the right to the left using a transition, but in Firefox the left positioning is incorrect so it animates to a position which is outside the viewport.

This patch changes the animation to be done on the left css property to make it less error prone.

[BUGFIX] A better way of parsing the HTML of asynchronous page loads

The change I3234d053ade3c92448a9538e24731c6df8e83f8a introduced a small regression by slightly changing the way of parsing the returned HTML of an asynchronous page load. This leads to problems if the page contained script tags that manipulate the dom (e.g. document.write).

This change adjusts the page loading to use the same jQuery function as before.

[TASK] Optimize typical filter usages of EEL children operation

The children operation supports filters, two typical cases are filter by node name and filter by NodeType (instanceof). These cases are now optimized and will only load the Nodes that match the filter.

[BUGFIX] Default attributes property of menu TypoScript object

The template of the menu TypoScript object uses the attributes property by default and for convenience it should be predefined as a attribute object so it’s easy to extend.

[BUGFIX] “node” used in label for create new dialog

Get rid of the undesired word “node” in the insert new element overlay since the word shouldn’t be exposed to the editor. It also keeps in consistant with the other instances of insert new in the navigate component.

[BUGFIX] Security policies in Neos are too strict

The current security policies fail with a “could not authenticate any token” if an initializeAction is made public.

This change updates the policy so it does not match initialize actions to prevent this error.

[BUGFIX] Node tree filter too wide in Firefox

[BUGFIX] Sites management module widget action button

The action button for the sites management module widget points to a unresolved path due to the action name is camelcased. Since all module paths are automatically lowercased we can safely convert actions names into lowercase when creating links for them. In case a custom path is desired that’s already configurable.

[TASK] Improve usability of position menus in navigate component

Makes it possible to select a new position for the new or paste buttons without having to click twice when using a mouse.

[BUGFIX] Title missing for paste/new buttons in navigate component

In the navigate component the paste and new buttons are missing a title tag, unlike the other buttons. This commit fixes those title tags for both the node tree and context structure tree.

[BUGFIX] Shortcut to siteroot has no active state

The new menu implementation returns a state normal for nodes equal to the siteroot. This prevents a menu which contains a shortcut to the homepage to render an active state.

A menu could now render an active state on the shortcut to the homepage by for example using a custom node type for the homepage and adding the following condition:

<f:if condition="{item.node.nodeType.name} == 'My.Package:Homepage'">
        <li class="{f:if(condition:'{item.state}==\\'current\\'', then:'active')}">
            <neos:link.node node="{item.node}">{item.label}</neos:link.node>

[TASK] Fix minor errors in documentation

The integrator cookbook was referring to node type TYPO3.Neos:Page which was recently changed to TYPO3.Neos.NodeTypes:Page. Also the quotes in an example of using prototypes was incorrect.

[!!!][BUGFIX] Only accepts URLs with the configured URI suffix

This change removes two obsolete routes and adjusts the FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler so that it matches the full node path.

Background: The route “Content with some format” accepted all URLs in the format {node}.{@format} which lead to duplicate content (if your default suffix is empty and the user appends ”.html”) and weird errors (if an arbitrary extension is added to the path, like “some/path.anything”).

Besides this change simplifies the FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler so that it does not ignore the splitString option if no dot could be found in the request path.

This is a breaking change if you relied on the fact that any format suffix is accepted by Neos. If you provide a custom format (for example “ics”) you should register a custom route for it in your package:

  name:  'ICS'
  uriPattern: '{node}.ics'
    '@package':    'TYPO3.Neos'
    '@controller': 'Frontend\\Node'
    '@action':     'show'
    '@format':     'ics'
      handler:     'TYPO3\\Neos\\Routing\\FrontendNodeRoutePartHandler'

[BUGFIX] YAML indention and typo in integrators cookbook

[TASK] Fix various CGL violations

[BUGFIX] Opacity of datetime editor inspector field

After the module styling implementation uneditable fields were made transparent and this also applied to the date editor field, but it shouldn’t since it’s not really uneditable since it has a wizard.

[TASK] Add missing grunt-trimtrailingspaces dependency

This changes adds a missing dependency to grunt-trimtrailingspaces in Scripts/package.json

[FEATURE] Reworked MenuImplementation

A new MenuImplementation that has the following additional features:

  • Resolves shortcuts, in this case the item.node will be the shortcut target and the original shortcut node is available in item.originalNode.
  • Corect state calculation.
  • New Property itemCollection to set an arbitrary collection of nodes as first menu level items.
  • New Property renderHiddenInIndex to also render items that should be hidden in menus otherwise

[TASK] Minor coding fixes for users management module

In the new action there is multiple usages of assign, this commit changes this to use assignMultiple instead.

A minor typo in the comment for the action create is fixed.

[BUGFIX] Remove obsolete route that might break routing

This removes the frontend route “content with URI suffix and type” that could break routing in frontend and backend in certain circumstances.


This route was meant to support custom rendering formats (similar to the typeNum feature in TYPO3 CMS). But apparently this is currently not used anywhere in the code and the same can be achieved with custom routes and/or the {@format} suffix. Since support for configurable URI suffixes (introduced with I14c8a98f341fbc312c57fee44cd383271778e57b) it is possible to disable the ”.html” suffix from all Neos routes. But with that change the route mentioned above incorreclty matches all pages in the second level (e.g. “foo/bar”).

[TASK] Fix Page documentation in TS reference

  • Additionally add missing Tag and Attributes documentation

[BUGFIX] Correctly rename site root nodes

When renaming the site root node via the Sites management module the site name was incorrectly used for setting the new root node name instead of the specified node name.

This change fixes this by mapping the new node name only to the site when it has been changed. Besides this cleans up SiteController, Site and the Edit form.

[BUGFIX] Menu section collapse arrow styling

The arrow for the section collapse buttons in the menu used the wrong font.

Introduced in Ia0bb003a9c41e8fa89a87f17e971e16138e1721a.

[BUGFIX] Headline alignment is not persisted

Aloha sanitize removes the style attribute from headline elements when a headline is aligned using aloha.

[BUGFIX] Shortcut rendering is broken in combination with layout

If a layout is applied to a shortcut because of a layout set in the rootpath of the node, then openening the shortcut in the navigate component fails with a ‘Could not read metadata from page’.

This change moves the rendering of the Shortcut from the PrimaryContent prototype to the root TypoScript case object to fix this.

[BUGFIX] Dateselector should do “previous” too

The dateselector incorrectly only moves forward regardless of the arrow clicked, it should go back on the left arrow and forward on the right arrow.

Credits for finding the broken part go to Thomas Hempel. Thanks!


No changes


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[BUGFIX] Node references do not respect context workspace

When a node referenced as a property it doesn’t take the contexts workspace into account but rather the node’s own workspace resulting in wrong instances being returned in non live workspaces.

[BUGFIX] Prevent database error with too long index

For MySQL if innodb_large_prefix is set to off from version 5.6 on an index that is longer than the maximum index size is no longer silently truncated. Instead an error 1071 Specified key was too long; max key length is 767 bytes can be thrown. In that case you have no way to install Neos in this environment because of an index created and removed one version later. As the index is not of much use we should remove it totally from the past migration files to avoid this error.

This change is not marked breaking, the worst thing that can happen is that you are exactly on version 20131129110302 and keep the useless index in your database if you migrate up. The index is also removed from the PostgreSQL migrations in order to have both migrations in sync.

For more details see: http://forum.typo3.org/index.php/t/200966/

[BUGFIX] materialize NodeData in removeProperty()

In removeProperty() the underlying NodeData was not materialized as needed.

[TASK] Fix wrong hint in method docblock

The @deprecated notice on __call() pointed to two wrong method names.


[BUGFIX] isEven & isOdd not supported in TYPO3.Neos:ContentCollection


No changes