1.0.1 (2013-12-16)

Base Distribution


[TASK] Update references in documentation

See http://ci.typo3.robertlemke.net/job/TYPO3%20Neos%20Release/3/

[BUGFIX] Handle inline loading of pages without metadata correctly

Check the response for the page metainformation and show an error with explanation. This can be improved by adding a link to the error message that opens the requested location in a new tab in a follow-up.

[BUGFIX] Use FQ TypoScript paths for lastVisitedNode functionality

Change Idaa3e0c5c3393533158840dc0617676f2589c628 made the shorthand TypoScript object names not being found in the prototype Page.ts2 for the lastVisitedNode inclusion. This fixes this by using fully qualified paths.

[BUGFIX] Add a safeguard to the LIBXML_PARSEHUGE constant

This change should fix problems with oder libxml versions not being able to import the content.

[BUGFIX] Fix wrong type annotation that causes compilation problems

[BUGFIX] Fix built-in Menu TypoScript object template

In Ic507c603e1f0ddcd1e70e7df6102a15c51a7332a, the built-in Menu TypoScript Object Template was broken.

Thanks to Johannes Pichler for finding and reporting this issue.


No changes


No changes


No changes


[BUGFIX] Protypes don’t use FQN

Because the prototype definitions don’t use the FQN namespace issues occur where TYPO3.Neos:RawArray is used instead of TYPO3.TypoScript:RawArray


[BUGFIX] Temporary accounts should be limited to role Editor

Currently any demo account has full Administrator privileges, which also allows access to the package and user management. This is unexpected and should be changed to a less privileged role.