1.0.0-alpha3 (2013-02-15)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Remove Jenkins repository from composer manifest

Since our packages are on Packagist now, the Satis repository on Jenkins should no longer be used by the public.


[BUGFIX] Fix margin of inspector & tree panel in preview mode

[FEATURE] Improve handling of images in the inspector

[BUGFIX] Fix height and overflow for page tree

[BUGFIX] Add missing migration for domain host pattern identity

The change I1235a121844c64142de86b81cf92ddfefe561aac introduced an Identity annotation on the hostPattern property of Domain but the commit is lacking the necessary migration.

[TASK] Make the pagetree push adjust the body margin

When the Page Tree is sticky is pushes the page to the right side, adjusting the body-margin.

[TASK] Make page tree narrower

[TASK] Change plus/minus with play/pause icons in packages module

[TASK] Fix rendering date in documentation index

The change in I2d71b575b0a16a095aca20f1ffddf802ad426ebc did nest markup, so the “today” was not expanded.

[TASK] Add rendering date to documentation index

[BUGFIX] Fix error on server communication

The change for replacing the notification library introduced a regression because the storage plugin depends on Midgard.Notifications. This change introduces a wrapper to output those notifications to console in development context.

For later cleanup an issue has been filed on forge: http://forge.typo3.org/issues/45049

[TASK] Syncronization between Inspector, Content, Pagetree and Inspectree

Pagetitle: Pagetree -> Inspector, Inspectree Inspector -> Pagetree, Inspectree

Hidden Inspector -> Pagetree, (Inspectree)

Synchronizations depends on popover status

Patch also includes a fix that the timed Visibility of a page is shown in the Pagetree in general

[BUGFIX] Fix overflow and height of inspector panel

[BUGFIX] Hide inspector apply button when in preview mode

[BUGFIX] Add default modal style to confirm dialog

Add the default modal styling from backend module modal dialog.

[TASK] Make button styling consistent

[BUGFIX] Fix uncatched javascript error

When you select a image content element the image preview is loaded from the server. If the ajax call callback method is called after deselecting the content element this results in an uncatched error as the preview image would be added to an ember view in the inspector that does not exist anymore. Besides that this change cleans up unused popover DOM elements on AJAX page reload.

[BUGFIX] Fix JavaScript build regression

this build regression has been introduced by I43468193c07fe01a8e53d0f21cd5c574ec9b6b56

[BUGFIX] Add route for wireframe rendering

There needs to be a route for wireframe rendering otherwise plugins with links will produce an exception in wireframe mode. The added route is a dummy route to create a URI, the result will then match the normal frontend routes.

[TASK] Remove green color of indicator icon in toolbar

[TASK] Replace notification library

The used notification library has been replaced.

“Ok” and “Notice” are automaticly hidden after a timeout period

“Notice” and “Warning” are not hidden after a timeout

Readme file updated with information about library

[TASK] Improve caching and loading of VIE and node type schemata

This change implements a client-side resource cache that uses the session storage and allows for early preloading of resources before the page is loaded which speeds up the UI loading process.

Additionally the Neos node type schema is not embedded into the markup but also loaded via the same mechanism as the VIE schema.

[FEATURE] Make inspector header stick to the top

[BUGFIX] Reload all top level t3-reloadable-content elements

Currently only the first found t3-reloadable-content is really relaoded. The change will reload all top level elements again.

[BUGFIX] Fix paragraph line-height for modules

[FEATURE] Add cancel button to inspector

[!!!][TASK] Make pagetree permanently visible

Add a fold out left tree panel for the page tree. Moves the code for the page tree into a separate file.

[FEATURE] Add styling of Hallo dropdown menus

[BUGFIX] Fix field name for domain model Postgre migration

[BUGFIX] Make section handles visibility respect removed elements

This also fixes the issue that the logic if it should be shown or not only happened when the handle was initialize and not when the vie collection changed. This means the handle will appear after removing all the content and disappear again when a content element is added.

[BUGFIX] Prevent recursive node selection inefficiency

[BUGFIX] Fix fetching the node before redirect

When a user is redirected to the root page of a site the call to substr() returned FALSE. This returned in a 500 server error where getNode() expects a string and no boolean. This change passes / to getNode() in this case.

[TASK] Import all backend CSS files for optimization

This file should be optimized using Jenkins with the r.js optimizer.

[BUGFIX] Persist original image in XML import

This is necessary when trying to edit the image element, since we need the original image for cropping/resizing.

[TASK] Various styling improvements

  • Removes rounded borders for menus, widgets, buttons, modals etc.
  • Replaces blue outline on focussed fields with orange
  • Commit: 964f1d7

[FEATURE] Allow HTML5 properties for Ember fields

[TASK] Clean up in JavaScript and handlebar templates

[FEATURE] Add hide/unhide button to content handles

[BUGFIX] Don’t show loading indicator when paste throws error

[TASK] Change minimum height of content element

[BUGFIX] Fix creation of content in empty section

This issue occurs when a section only contains removed content. When creating a new content element from the sections content handles, it uses the last node as reference. Since this content element is removed the node object converter will throw an error.

[FEATURE] Add current request to TypoScript context

[FEATURE] Top level case to decide rendering path

To allow rendering of different output formats a top level Case is introduced that renders “page” by default. That way it is easy to hook in and add other types of output.

[BUGFIX] Remove duplicate _removed value from content wrapping

[BUGFIX] Clear inspector after deleting an element

[BUGFIX] Prevent the node object converter mapping null to target type

[!!!][FEATURE] Add a site management module

!!! Requires database schema update

  • Adds site management module where it is possible to create, update and delete both sites and domains.
  • Adds a hostname validator
  • Adds a unique entity validator
  • Adds a node name validator
  • Adds a package key validator
  • HostPattern marked as identity in Domain model
  • Resolves: #40325
  • Commit: 711d5cd

[BUGFIX] Prevent JavaScript error on exception from Backbone sync

[BUGFIX] Remove t3-button class from dialog close button

[BUGFIX] Fix typo in comment for neos/content/ui.js

[TASK] Tweak figures used in documentation

Tweaks image inclusions in the sources and fixes some tiny markup errors along the way.

[BUGFIX] Create site kickstarter object for site import step

[TASK] Remove .orig version of packages controller

[TASK] Remove superfluous $securityContext

The $securityContext member of the RoutingLoggingAspect was not used in the code.

[TASK] Adjust reST documentation for docs.typo3.org

Moves images around, adjust sources as needed, add Settings.yml.

Tweaked the way TOCs are laid out.

[FEATURE] Make non-editable-overlay configurable through content type schema

For testing, the corresponding change for TYPO3.Neos.ContentTypes is needed.

[TASK] Make TYPO3.SiteKickstarter a dev dependency

This commit is a replacement for 8eaedb which had to be reverted because of Neos setup wizard depending on the SiteKickstarter. Now the import step will check if the SiteKickstarter package is activated, and if not it will show a notification.

The setup will still finish.

Revert “[TASK] Make SiteKickstarter a dev dependency”

Neos actually depends on this package, so we should revert this change till a better solution is found.

This reverts commit 8eaedb11d73adb355cf661c154c6b2c29560796a

[TASK] Make SiteKickstarter a dev dependency

This change makes the TYPO3.SiteKickstarter a dev dependency of TYPO3.Neos so it’s only installed with composer install –dev.

[BUGFIX] Show image upload errors and disable upload for wrong types

When selecting images that do not match the accepted filetype of the uploader an error is shown and the upload button is disabled.

Additionally the image extensions “jpeg” and “gif” are supported.

[BUGFIX] The contentTypeSelectorTabs is not fully visible

When contentTypeSelectorTabs is open the right t3-inspector is placed on top. This results in that the content types are not fully visible

Due to a position absolute setting in jquery popup the z-index is set to 10001. The setting is found in jquery.popover.js on line 282.

[BUGFIX] domain matching must work if given hostname is shorter than a domain

An “undefined array index” error occured if my hostname e.g. was “foo.bar”, and there was a domain record configured for “some.foo.bar”.

This change adds a testcase for this and fixes the error.

[BUGFIX] Fix empty/boolean labels of search results

When searching using the toolbar some result shows the node label as a boolean. Instead it should use the node’s label generated with a label generator.

[BUGFIX] document errors with position:relative on body

[FEATURE] Support manually set target node for Shortcut

This enhances the Shortcut content type to support a specifically set target node which overrides the default behavior or redirecting to the first sub node. The property “targetNode” currently needs to be set manually (through the Node API) as there is no user interface in place yet.

[TASK] Improved error handling for missing root TypoScript template

If a site does not contain a root TypoScript template (or it was placed at a wrong location), a meaningful error message is now displayed.

[BUGFIX] Fix height of inspector header due to green border

[TASK] Remove rounded borders from various elements

  • Removes rounded borders from following popovers: new content element, page tree, inspect tree
  • Removes rounded corners for the content element handles
  • Adds the possibility to add additional classes to the popover root element for popover buttons
  • Commit: a21eef8

[BUGFIX] New content element popover is positioned fixed

[BUGFIX] Remove popover doesn’t close new content element popover

[TASK] Upgrade Font Awesome to v3.0

This release includes a new icon font with remade icons from scratch to support 14px rendering.

[BUGFIX] Allow user dropdown to overflow top bar

Change I30881c3e89b4c1062fde6abe3181670860a06297 added overflow hidden to t3-ui-top, but it should only be applied in preview mode.

[BUGFIX] Make clicking on new content element icons possible

Inside the new-content-element popover, clicking on the icon of the content type did a redirect to “#”, losing the current page and showing the live workspace instead of adding a new content element.

This change fixes this and makes the link easier to click and fixing some styling issues as well as removing the non-used HTML attributes as well.

Also removes the depreacted new content element template.

[BUGFIX] Fix transitions when toggling preview mode

  • Add transition for inspector panel
  • Fix overflow for top panel
  • Remove margin-right on body (normalize)
  • Commit: 24ee3ca

[BUGFIX] Remove use of updateSchema in package management

[TASK] Additional check for date properties

This adds another check to make sure that corrupt or unexpected values of date node properties don’t lead to a fatal error caused by calling methods on a non-object.

[TASK] Disable open popover windows when entering preview mode

Disables the open popover windows when clicking the on the preview button.

[BUGFIX] Remove margin when activating search toolbar

Bug introduced in task #41849 creating normalized css

[BUGFIX] Make the search toolbar searchable again

[BUGFIX] Fix typo in variable name for LauncherController

[TASK] Add subpage removal hint to delete prompt

When deleting a page from the page tree the modal prompt description now shows that subpages will be removed as well (if present).

Some cleanup is done along the way.

[TASK] Redirect to last edit page after logout

Uses the Neos_lastVisitedUri in a similar way to the login.


[TASK] Use bundled file for backend CSS

This change can be applied after I015035ac40e112e060fd7343d33d28674a707649.

[FEATURE] Make non-editable-overlay configurable through content type schema

You also need the corresponding change in TYPO3 Neos for this.

[BUGFIX] Remove default title property from content object

[TASK] Section rendering should use getNodePath in collection again

Cleanup after the previous changes to make overrides of Section.Default easier again.

[BUGFIX] Fix section rendering in backend context

This is a hot fix for broken section rendering in the backend user interface introduced in https://review.typo3.org/#/c/17430/

[FEATURE] Support inline rendering of custom Folder content types

Previously the “Section” content type’s TypoScript object was told to render the collection of content elements of itself. In order to render custom page-like types (inheriting from Folder) inline (sic!) into a page, the Section TypoScript object is now a Case object. Its fallback case results in the same behavior as before the refactoring.

This way it is possible for other packages (or by Neos at some point) to pass control to a specialized TypoScript for specific node types.

More specifically: This allows a Blog Post TypoScript object to render a Blog Post node (inheriting from Folder) inside a page template.


[TASK] Show meaningful error message on invalid node path

If some code passes an invalid path (for example NULL) to getNode(), due to some bug, Node will now throw a meaningful exception.


[FEATURE] Allow setting absolute path in matcher

With the new property renderPath in Matchers it is possible to set a TypoScript path and use the configuration for rendering instead of giving a prototype name.

[BUGFIX] Add a check for unsetted Paths in Arrays

When a path is unset it isn’t really unset by the TypoScript Parser, instead it’s set to NULL. This can throw an error of non existing paths that TypoScript tries to render. As a temporary Fix this changeset adds a check if the path is NULL to skip it.


No changes


[BUGFIX] Fizzle should make boolean comparison

Using unquoted ‘true’, ‘false’ literals should result in a comparison of boolean values not of strings. This change also adds support for numeric values in filters.

[TASK] Parser template should work with PSR-0 paths

Fixes include path in AbstractParser PEG template and a few naming and whitespace issues.

[TASK] Parser generation script should use PSR-0 paths


No changes


[BUGFIX] Fix FileTypeValidator

Adds the required $supportedOptions field to the FileTypeValidator.

[FEATURE] Provide a better Exception for PropertyMapping

If the PropertyMapper fails to map some properties it can be hard to understand what happened, because the PropertyMapper doesn’t get the whole PropertyPath from the ProcessingRules. To better understand what happens this change catches the Property\Exception and throws a new Exception with the propertyPath that was tried to be mapped.

Example: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/314491/Screenshots/09.png

Without this Change only the 2 nested Exceptions would have been thrown.


No changes


No changes


[BUGFIX] Fix indentation of flash messages in login action

[TASK] Logout after finalized setup & improve hidden removal

This is needed for being able to login into the neos backend properly after a finalized setup.


No changes


[TASK] Upgrade bootstrap version to 2.2.2

[FEATURE] Add FlashMessage-ViewHelper

Needed since the ViewHelper that ships with Fluid does not render the HTML in the needed structure and with the needed class names to be used with the CSS from Bootstrap.