1.0.0-alpha2 (2012-12-20)

Base Distribution

[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

[TASK] Rename Vendor to Libraries and update composer-name


[TASK] Make hover & active state orange in dropdown menus

[TASK] Remove standard error message from Module/StandardController

This removes the standard error message and leaves only the list of validation errors in place.

[BUGFIX] Add page title to delete prompt

Add the page title to the delete prompt when trying to delete a page from the page tree.

[BUGFIX] Adjust code & template to recent Fluid changes

With Ifa4ccaafb550526ec977d93059ca123b18ef5462 one of the arguments “action” and “actionUri” is required.

This change adjusts the Edit template of the User administration module accordingly

[TASK] Remove “Import package” from package manager

As there is no support for importing packages after composer migration the functionality is removed from the “Package Management” module

[TASK] Removed testable HTTP flag from tests

Testable HTTP is now always enabled, thus the flag to switch it on can be removed.

[TASK] Removing alert when HTML selector wasn’t found

When a page, a user visits, has a different html structure as the page before it has to be fully reloaded by ‘window.location.href = uri;’. So nothing really went wrong as it was announced.

Especially after creating a new page the HTML structure is not the same. So the user would have to handle an alert every time although nothing went wrong.

[TASK] update VIE to latest Master

This fixes a bug for which some content elements disappeared in the “new content element” popover if there was a wrong loading order.

See https://github.com/bergie/VIE/pull/144 for details of the change in VIE.

[BUGFIX] Load minified JavaScript by default

In change I76121a9bc8a4eda8dc3120155d1cb7b3ddef9cf1 where Phoenix was renamed to Neos, the loading of minified JavaScript was disabled by accident. This change fixes this.

[TASK] JavaScript code formatting and refactoring

Extract some local variables and fix formatting glitches.

[BUGFIX] Adjust Neos to changed resource ViewHelper in Fluid

The resource ViewHelper no longer has a uri property so Neos uses path now in the module widget.

[FEATURE] Allow additional CSS and JavaScript in Backend Modules

This allows to configure the inclusion of multiple additional CSS or JavaScript files from any desired package, for the use in Backend Modules. Such a configuration would be for example:

            label: 'An example module'
            controller: 'Acme\\Foobar\\Controller\\Module\\Administration\\SampleController'
            description: >
              This is just a description for the controller.
              Note the additional "resources.css|js" directives.
            icon: 'resource://TYPO3.Neos/Public/Images/Icons/Black/notepad_icon-24.png'
                - resource://Acme.Foobar/Public/Css/Module/Sample.css
                - resource://Acme.Foobar/Public/JavaScript/Module/Foo.js
                - resource://Acme.Foobar/Public/JavaScript/Module/Bar.js

Besides, it removes the obsolete type argument at the <link rel="stylesheet" ... tag.

[BUGFIX] Content Module: Fixed several minor UI bugs

  • Add option to add a class for popover elements
  • Fixed JS bug on popover setting for adding an ID
  • Add class for new contentelement popover
  • Fixed styling on new content element popover
  • Fixed styling on save indicator
  • Optimized position of content element handles
  • Commit: df1c627

[TASK] Add notices for skipping steps in setup

Needs Ia242184567be52e39c97d4b641706ed8e3423577 to display the tooltip on the skip button.

[TASK] Clean up LoginController

Remove no longer needed ExtDirect actions.

[TASK] Adjust validators to new option handling

The validators have been changed and now need to declare their supported options. This change adjusts the AccountExists and Password validators.

The change to validator behavior in TYPO3 Flow was I2b32130840892417214cf50cad772190fc2576c0.

[TASK] After creating a page that page is now selected

It is also now possible to create two pages descendant without breaking the tree.

[BUGFIX] Use buttons in content element handles for actions

[BUGFIX] Add missing dependencies for Ember and createjs

[TASK] Small code cleanup in ext direct service node view

[TASK] Move focus to the title field when creating a page

[TASK] Remove remains of the deletion drop zone

[TASK] Remove blue border on focus for content tabs

[TASK] Add dashed border to active editable

[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts the package as needed to consistently use the name of TYPO3 Neos throughout code and other resources.

[TASK] Clean up Routes.yaml (integer instead of boolean)

[TASK] Use getPartyByType to access currently logged in User

This change explicitly uses getPartyByType for getting the current User, as we would run into trouble if more than one account is authenticated in the future (e.g. frontend user login).

[FEATURE] Implement user dropdown menu

This change moves the User Settings module to a new user dropdown menu that also shows a logout link.

Additionally some styling issues of menu active state and breadcrumb items were fixed.

[TASK] Fix JavaScript unit test

The buster unit test checked for a wrong namespace URI.

[BUGFIX] Enable publish button from applied changes in inspector

Explicitly update the list of publishable nodes after a backbone update and setting of the new workspacename of an entity. This was suppressed in the backbone mode, so our entity wrapper would not notice and VIE would not fire the change event.

[TASK] Log exception thrown during site import step

If an exception is thrown in the site import step, the exception is now logged so that helpful details are available.

[BUGFIX] Site name from import step not used

The site name entered was never handed down to the site kickstarter.

[TASK] Allow setting reloadable in the ContentElementWrapping

Allows to set a wrapped content element as reloadable for backend purposes.

[TASK] Cleanup of aloha viewhelper

Has been changed from <t:aloha.notEditable> to <t:contentElement.notEditable>

[BUGFIX] Remove ‘Delete’ button for currently logged in user

In the user listing the delete button for the current user is disabled so a user can not delete his own account. By going to the showAction of the user the button was still visible though.

This change disables that button.

[TASK] Add hint for password requirements

[TASK] Move previewmode styling in correct position

This was placed in the wrong place in I82caf5e298f20e8b3d5646dc5ff0819b1acacf2c

[TASK] Update name on Twitter Bootstrap dependency

[FEATURE] Show saving indicator next to publish button

This change adds an indicator next to the publish button that shows if a save process is running and if and when the save was successful.

[BUGFIX] Consistent user creation and workspace name

This change implements a UserFactory that consistently creates User objects for different use cases.

Furthermore, it removes the restriction of only-alphanumeric usernames in the setup tool.

[TASK] Set title for Setup

Needs https://review.typo3.org/#/c/15606/ for TYPO3.Setup.

[FEATURE] Add specific policies for management/administration modules

This introduces policies for the main modules allowing limiting access to administration modules for normal users. The policies does not cover overview modules, but their submodules. Also checks are added to the module menu only showing them if the user has the specified role.

[TASK] Disable content element events in preview mode

[TASK] Hide active contentelement in preview mode

[BUGFIX] Ignore Alt+L shortcut when editing content

This allows @ signs to be inserted in content elements on Mac OS.

[BUGFIX] Fix rendering test after change in ContentTypes package

This just replaces the expected header comment to the new version.

[TASK] Add normalize styles

[BUGFIX] Update documentation and replace all TYPO3 Phoenix with Neos

[BUGFIX] Fix basic rendering functional test

[TASK] Remove unused partials

[TASK] Clean up routing exceptions & improve status codes

Changes mentioned in I704d806c1c75dbad5edd01aec8d12d2fb773c8a1

[TASK] Remove deprecated error controller and error views

Deprecated with I704d806c1c75dbad5edd01aec8d12d2fb773c8a1


[BUGFIX] Working Content Menu

The content menu template accessed a non existing node variable in the template, this is now given by TypoScript.

Additionally the class of the ul element was changed to not conflict with typical main menu classes.

[BUGFIX] Fixes bug where empty div was shown

Fixes bug where empty div was shown on frontend. This div is only needed when logged in.

[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts the package as needed to consistently use the name of TYPO3 Neos throughout code and other resources.

[BUGFIX] t3-reloadable-content needs an id attribute

The section now has t3-reloadable-content class but misses an id attribute which leads to errors in the JavaScript.

[TASK] Remove comment line

Commentline removed since it is generated in the output. This should be an issue. Issue created: #41931

[TASK] Mark section and menu content as t3-reloadable-content

This adds the necessary t3-reloadable-content class to section and menu content elements in backend.


[TASK] Use regular class name in entity resource definition

[TASK] Removed testable HTTP flag from tests

Testable HTTP is now always enabled, thus the flag to switch it on can be removed.

[TASK] Decouple and simplify functional NodesTest

The functional NodesTest was tied to Neos’ ContentContext and had a ton of code duplication. The duplicated code was moved to setUp() and the test uses Service\Context from the package itself now.

[BUGFIX] Fix Version20120725073211.yaml up migration

The YAML had a wrong indentation for the second filter definition.

[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts the package as needed to consistently use the name of TYPO3 Neos throughout code and other resources.

[FEATURE] Add NodeName filter and RenameNode transformation

This change adds a new filter to work on node names and a new transformation to rename nodes.

[TASK] Add missing PostgreSQL migration

The fix for #41873 (see I967721ab4cf140527ea7a03da85ffead093c2d69) should have had a PostgreSQL migration. This change adds it.

[BUGFIX] Fix foreign key constraint during site:prune

Foreign keys prevented removal of all nodes / workspaces. This broke the site:prune command in the TYPO3.TYPO3 package. By setting the baseWorkspace to NULL on delete the error is prevented and the tables can be truncated.


[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts some technically irrelevant uses of Phoenix to Neos, just for completeness.

[FEATURE] Implement Value object for simple values

This change adds a Value TypoScript object to evaluate simple values from paths (string, integer, Eel-Expression). Additionally a check is made to prevent evaluation errors on paths that do not resolve to an array.

[FEATURE] Implement parsing of boolean constants

This change adds the boolean constants TRUE and FALSE to the TypoScript Parser.

[BUGFIX] make sure collection does not loose context

Furthermore, we add functional tests for it.

In order to be non-breaking, this change also requires http://review.typo3.org/15754 to be merged.


[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts the package as needed to consistently use the name of TYPO3 Neos.


[TASK] Avoid use of getPropertyInternal()

The getPropertyInternal() method obviously is intended for internal use in the ObjectAccess class. This change replaces it’s use with a call to getProperty().

[TASK] Implement \Countable in FlowQuery

This makes FlowQuery objects behave more like arrays.


[BUGFIX] Adjust ExtDirect RequestHandler to Flow changes

This adjusts the RequestHandler to the recent changes in Flow regarding session handling. For this the usual HTTP response is now used.

Some additional cleanup is done and error handling has been added.

[BUGFIX] Fix Ext.EventManager is undefined error

This change packages a new version of ExtDirect including the EventManager, and some other dependencies. Works in FireFox and Chrome now. Please test without browser cache enabled. Have a close look if pagetree / publishing and creating content still works.


[BUGFIX] Adjust code & template to recent Fluid changes

With Ifa4ccaafb550526ec977d93059ca123b18ef5462 one of the arguments “action” and “actionUri” is required.

This change adjusts the Form template accordingly.

Besides this replaces the deprecated method setFormActionUri() in the subclassed FormViewHelper

[TASK] Update tests to new validator supportedOptions property

[TASK] Add description property to all form fields

This change adds a new form element property “elementDescription” to every element using the Field layout.

It also adds a special property “passwordDescription” for the PasswordWithConfirmation element for placing the hint directly after the first password input field.


[TASK] Fix Imagine name in requirements of manifest

Officially Imagine is “imagine/Imagine”, not “imagine/imagine”.


[FEATURE] Support ImageVariants in ImageViewHelper

Adjusts the signature of both image ViewHelpers to expect an ImageInterface instead of the actual image in order to accept to render ImageVariant instances.

Besides this makes sure that ImageInterface::getThumbnail() is only called if required (if width/height of the image to render are not equal to the actual image dimensions)

[!!!][FEATURE] Support image variants in transient images

Previously an image had a reference to its repository in order to persist itself as soon as a variant was added or removed.

This leads to a very tight coupling and prevented image variants to be used on images that are not persisted (yet).

The change removes the ImageRepository::update() call from Image::createImageVariant() and Image:removeImageVariant()

This is a breaking change in case you relied on the automatic persistence of new image variants. In this case you need to adjust your code and persist the image manually:

$image->createImageVariant(...); $this->imageRepository->update($image);

[FEATURE] Provide alias handling for ImageVariants

Reusing of ImageVariants is now enhanced by providing alias names for ImageVariants, for example “small” or “medium” etc.

Convient methods for handling with these aliases are provided, this includes, for example, removing Variants by their alias.

An alias is simply created with passing an additional, optional alias argument to the Image’s createImageVariant() method.

[TASK] Update tests to new validator supportedOptions property

[BUGFIX] Fix array key check in ImageConverter

Using isset() to check for array keys may fail when used on strings. This changes uses array_key_exists().

[BUGFIX] Fix Image TypeConverter

The Image TypeConverter now takes care about a given title property and takes it into account for the mapping; additionally the handling of mapping persisted Images (i.e. sources with an __identity property) works as it used to be for persisted entities.

This is covered by some additional Functional Tests, which have, besides, been augmented a bit and refactored to an abstract functional test case for reusable methods.

[BUGFIX] Add schema migraton for serialized imageVariants

The imageVariant property of the Image entity is string-replaced from FLOW3 to Flow legacies.


[BUGFIX] Adjust code & template to recent Fluid changes

With Ifa4ccaafb550526ec977d93059ca123b18ef5462 one of the arguments “action” and “actionUri” is required.

This change adjusts the Form template accordingly

[TASK] Add optional notice as tooltip on skip button

This change adds a new rendering option for the form definition of setup steps to display a notice on skip buttons as a tooltip.

[TASK] Adjust to changed exception handling in DBAL

Doctrine 2.3 adds some changes to DBAL when it comes to handling PDO exceptions. In some cases these are now transformed into DBAL exemptions, requiring some adjustments in setup.

[BUGFIX] Hide form buttons in final step

Introduced in I156085e103deabd4b477dc873ee1ea9cb4579c79

[TASK] Use TYPO3 Setup instead of TYPO3 Neos Setup

[TASK] Quote database name upon creation

It is possible to use database names like “test-development” but it was not possible to actually create them using the setup tool.

This change adds identifier quoting to the database creation step.

[BUGFIX] Use template1 to read database names

Setup tries to establish a connection without a database name to fetch the list of databases. This is not possible on PostgreSQL.

This changes uses “template1” instead.

[TASK] Styling for password requirements hint

[TASK] Unbootstrapify the setup screens

[TASK] Rename requirement on Twitter Bootstrap Package

[FEATURE] Configurable title inside setup wizard


[TASK] Rename Phoenix to Neos

This change adjusts the package as needed to consistently use the name of TYPO3 Neos throughout code and other resources.

[BUGFIX] Fall back to full package key if no dot present

Since the composer integration a package key without a dot is technically valid. The site kickstarter depended on a dot being present and generates invalid Sites.xml if the dot is not found.

This change adds a check and falls back to using the package key for the site node name if needed.


[TASK] Allow HTML code in menu label

By allowing HTML code in the label it’s possible to add for example a badge to a menu item.

[FEATURE] Icons for the navigation items

If your menu items should show a nice icon next to them, you can just define an iconClass for a menu item and it will be shown right in front of the menu item.

[!!!][TASK] Change composer-name and adjust namespace

This package should not be published under the Twitter vendorname, but use TYPO3.

Note: Namespace is changed, most be adjusted in client code

[FEATURE] Include jQuery library in include view helper

Adds the jQuery library (v1.8.2) files and makes them optionally includable in the include view helper (by default jQuery is not included).

[TASK] Add basic documentation